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New Day Vitality Hormone Center
Try Something New Bioidentical Hormones
New Day Vitality Hormone Center
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Try Something New Bioidentical Hormones

Men and women, would you like to wake up well rested? Have energy to enjoy the challenges of each day? Feel attractive and vital when you look in the mirror? Look forward to getting your partner in bed?

Hormones given by the pellet delivery system for menopause and hypogonadism (the decrease of natural hormones in men and women) can help you feel and look younger.

With bioidentical hormones you will sense the return of emotional and physical strength to augment your dietary and exercise efforts for optimal functioning.

Why Pellets?

Studies have repeatedly shown that using bioidentical hormones in time-release pellets for hormone replacement out performs all other equivalent methods of release, including pills, creams, patches and injections.

Pellet implants, placed under the skin in your hip area, consistently release small, physiologic doses of hormones as your body seeks them. When you sleep, less is released. When you are exerting yourself or under more stress, more is released to meet your needs.

Individualized hormone replacement therapy, using the pellet hormone delivery system (PHDS) is

How It Works

Three or four times a year, depending on your body's needs, you will have an area on your hip numbed and a few timed-release pellets inserted subcutaneously. Only steri-strips are required to cover the incision. The procedure takes about five minutes. It feels like a pin prick and then it is done.

How Expensive Is It?

Including the lab work that is required before each insert to check blood hormone levels, which is correlated with your reported symptoms to determine individual dosage amounts, this preventative therapy usually costs less than
a personal trainer
a diet coach
relationship counseling
a divorce
a year of prescription antidepressants
a specialist for chronic fatigue treatment

Supplementing your hormones is easy and can help bring joy back to your life. You will be pleasantly surprised and your family members, friends and colleagues will notice. Unlock your passions once again.

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