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Sarah Lascano, Energy Medicine
Think Healing Your Pain Isn’t Possible? Think Again.
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Think Healing Your Pain Isn’t Possible? Think Again.

Think Healing Your Pain Isn’t Possible? Think Again.

Sick and tired of dumping tons of money into your healthcare only to still be in pain? Let’s talk about some ways energy medicine can reduce or eliminate pain once and for all.

Did you know your body instinctively knows how to heal? When you cut your finger, the body doesn’t need to be told how to fix itself. But this natural ability gets affected by stresses of all kinds: accidents, injuries, illnesses, family history, emotional stress. We can repair the body’s innate wisdom to heal many different physical symptoms.

How Can Energy Medicine Reduce or Eliminate Pain?

Think of the nervous system like an information highway. When that highway becomes strained with too many signals, the nervous system becomes locked in fight or flight mode. Our stress hormones increase – we are primed to outrun that tiger. The body is on high alert.

Many changes happen that affect the body’s communication and function: digestion decreases, inflammation increases, blood pressure rises, and more. To help the body heal health issues, we have to get back into a mode where it can devote resources to repair and healing.

The solution is twofold:

  1. Decrease the baseline stress in the body. Reduce muscle tension, flush excess stress chemicals out of the body, decrease thought patterns and emotions that keep us locked in stress. Old injuries, traumatic events, toxins, even postural changes through childhood can leave us with these patterns and can be stored anywhere in the body (muscles, tendons, organs, brain). As we release the triggers keeping the body locked in tension, we start to rapidly reverse pain. We also boost the body’s natural pain-relievers by increasing endorphins and other natural opioids.
  2. Identify other stressors weakening the body. Traumatic events, thought patterns and even forgotten memories from our past can keep our nervous system in overdrive. With energy medicine, we pinpoint where these stresses are stored (organs, muscles, nerves, vertebrae, etc.) and release them. Once we release these blocks from the body’s tissues, the body can relax and pain levels decrease. We can do this without reliving or discussing past traumas with energy medicine.

Your body knows how to improve your physical symptoms. Ask it what it needs to finally move forward, repair, and be free of pain using energy medicine.

What is blocking your body from healing? Let’s ask and find out.

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