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Annette Shaner, RM, MBA
Reiki Treatment For Cancer Patients
The Art of Intuition
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Reiki Treatment For Cancer Patients

A diagnosis of cancer can leave patients with a sense of alienation, guilt, and loss of faith. Reiki is increasingly offered in addition to conventional cancer treatment in hospitals and oncology centers across the country. Its integration into traditional cancer care has been shown to relieve pain, anxiety, fatigue, nausea, and depression. Reiki is a low risk, light or no touch treatment that utilized high vibration spiritual energy to increase the body's natural healing powers.

Cancer patients often experience high levels of anxiety and stress due to their rigorous treatment schedules. Reiki energy provides feelings of safety, security, and stress reduction. A decrease in stress levels allows the body to devote more energy to healing. Treatments can play a critical role in a patient's over all well-being, providing a hopeful outlook and an increasing sense of well-being. It is a wonderful complementary therapy to ease the emotional and physical side effects of traditional treatments.

This is a passive spiritual healing practice that helps optimize the mind, body, and spirit. It may connect people with their innate spirituality and reconnect patients to their spiritual practice in times of both crisis and everyday life challenges. It has helped patients access a profound inner resource in a terrifying and transformational time. It promotes strength, harmony, and balance.

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