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Normalizing Cannabis For Seniors
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Normalizing Cannabis For Seniors

Normalizing Cannabis For Seniors

In recent years, we have seen senior citizens and older adults among the fastest growing group of cannabis consumers. Potentially, they have the most to gain from easing arthritic pain, to providing better sleep. Our patients report improved cognitive function, increases in appetite where needed, pain management, regardless of source, and many other medical needs.

Having lived through many years of negative stigma associated with cannabis, seniors and older adults often feel more nervous about trying cannabis. Walking into a dispensary for the first time can be overwhelming. The best dispensaries will be able to answer questions about various forms of consumption and guide patients toward products most appropriate for their needs. Many have printed educational literature, and there are many more resources available via the internet:


Traditional medical organizations have been slow to endorse cannabis in large part because Federal law remains unchanged. However, many of these medical institutions have significant research programs. They remain cautious about potential side effects with traditional medicines.

As legalization is increasing, people in their 60’s to those in their 90’s are breaking through the barrier and enjoying first-hand the health benefits of cannabis.
In general, cannabis is well tolerated in the adult population. Research is ongoing about medical benefits as well as potential side effects.

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