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Kapha Dosha: Are You Ruled By Earth and Water?

Kapha Dosha: Are You Ruled By Earth and Water?

Ayurveda (the science from which yoga stems from) contains three main constitutions (or doshas) that form the philosophy: vata, pitta and kapha dosha.

Kapha dosha, is created by the elements of water and earth. The qualities of kapha dosha can be seen throughout the whole universe as form and structure. In the body, it is seen in the solids and heavy fluids (such as bone & teeth, synovial fluid and mucous).

People who are kapha dosha dominant have very large doe-eyes, are very caring and loyal, have a larger bone structure, may have a tendency to get overly attached to friendship or relationships, and enjoy sleeping a lot. In western medicine, the kapha dosha is also known as the endomorphic body type.

The winter season is also associated with kapha dosha.  Cold air and water turning into heavy earth (in the form of snow) are some examples of kapha dosha. Kapha dosha can become imbalanced when there is too much water and earth in the body, or when there is not enough water and earth in the body.

When too much water and earth are present: bloating, congestion, and weight gain can ensue. In addition, mental instabilities such as slow learning, lethargy or depression may become present.  Conversely, if there is not enough kapha dosha in the body: gas, malnutrition, dryness and arthritis can occur. In addition, anxiety, instability and disturbances may become present.

Ayurveda is a science where balance is treasured to achieve a state of peaceful homeostasis. Therefore, to balance the heavy water and earth quality, uplifting practices are recommended for kapha dominant people during the heavy, kapha abundant season.

And finally, stay active, socialize, enjoy, and cultivate a peaceful environment in your home, enjoying warm baths, oil massages, and eliminate distressors.

  Wondering if you are kapha dominant? Guessing can be as imbalancing as living unconsciously. Find out how to delicately balance your dosha, with the dosha of the season by contacting your local Ayurvedic professional, today.

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