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Anne C. Crowley, MAc, LAc
In the Midst Of Winter
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In the Midst Of Winter

Already I hear the trepidation of the upcoming winter or downturn in the earth's energy. The Christmas season holds us at bay for a while because it really creates a lot of yang energy which is more characteristic of summer. When the holidays are over the real feeling of winter sets in. Some of us, however, start to feel a bit edgy now.

This is a vote “for” the winter season and how we can come to appreciate it. Winter is about reflection, listening, being in the unknowing. This is what is so frightening to some people. It really is okay to be still, be with yourself, walk in nature and appreciate the stillness. At no other time of year will you experience the power of the stillness of nature.

Winter is about power, strength and determination. It is associated with the water element in Chinese medicine. When all is well we feel very strong and powerful inside. We are persistent and relentless (like the ocean) and clever (like streams). When things are out of balance, fear creeps in. We are sometimes frozen in fear and can't move out of it. This is similar to the feeling some people get at this very yin time of year. It is a time of contraction, hibernating, going within. In acupuncture we strive to balance this energy, so we can flow more easily through these energetic shifts.

Winter is a time to gather your resources for the upcoming Spring. Get more sleep, reflection, restoring your energy. It is no accident that the darkness sets in so early. Nature is saying “rest”. The Chinese, in the classical text The Nei Jing, say that if one is not careful to flow with nature in the current season, it could bring illness in the upcoming seasons. (Not to scare you, but just to get your attention.)

Some Tips for Appreciating

the Season of Winter

Reflection of the past year and the year to come

Stillness walk in nature and observe the absolute stillness of the trees

Power know your own power in moving through any situation

Persistence drive forward persistently when it is important to you and it serves others

Wisdom tap into the deep wisdom the bottom of the ocean

Cleverness watch how clever water is through the movement of streams

If you are subject to depression at this time of year, go out and be with people. This is really a fire (summer) activity, but I would recommend it when times are tough. As much as you can, practice being still with yourselfa warm bath (no reading), some quiet music; a walk (alone); a meditation, some QiGong, a hot stone massage (quiet). It really is okay to cut off the noise of the world and our mind. We will be okay. The seasons will turn and we can say we've lived another precious cycle of seasons. What a gift!

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