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Improve Severe Fatigue With Natural Hormones
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Improve Severe Fatigue With Natural Hormones

“As soon as I get home, I want to lay on the couch and sleep,” said 56- year-old Dave. “This isn't me!” His regular doctor could find no apparent cause of the fatigue. But after labs and medical evaluation by a bioidentical hormone specialist who optimized his testosterone and thyroid hormones, he was back in action “I can't remember when I felt this good. I'm working out again and at the top of my game at work.”

Without enough of the right hormones, you will be tired all day. You can use will power, sugar and coffee, but you will have more and more difficulty keeping up the pace at work and at home. Severe chronic fatigue is often due to multiple hormone deficiencies. Among those are


Increases stamina throughout the day

Give more mental clarity

Creates more red blood cells to carry oxygen to the body

Helps you sleep better at night

Natural Thyroid

Helps you get going in the morning

Decreases feeling sluggish when you sit or rest

Speeds up energy and heat reactions inside the cells to increase metabolism

More and more, men and women are enjoying the benefits of replacing these crucial hormones to restore their health and re-energize their lives.

After a few months on bioidentical testosterone, 40-year-old Eric couldn't believe the difference. “I'm going to the gym, taking my wife out and I can't wait to face the day,” he says.

Bioidentical hormones, especially when administered in pellet form, offer a convenient and effective treatment for low hormone levels.

“I didn't think I needed it,” says a 61-year-old Owings Mills resident and BHRT patient. “But after my first insert, I felt a vibrancy and aliveness in my body that I hadn't felt for years,” she says. “And I can walk fast without pain now.”

If you are having trouble managing chronic pain, talk to a bioidentical hormone replacement expert to discuss how restoring your testosterone levels could help.

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