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How to Find Out About Your Past Life Connections and Their Influence on Your Present
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How to Find Out About Your Past Life Connections and Their Influence on Your Present

How to Find Out About Your Past Life Connections and Their Influence on Your Present

Have you ever felt an unexplainable connection with someone or something? Or perhaps you have innate talents or fears that don’t make sense, given your current life experiences? These could be signs of past life connections influencing your present reality. 

Let’s explore what past life connections are and how to uncover them.

What Are Past Life Connections?

Many spiritual beliefs hold that our souls have lived multiple lifetimes, carrying over lessons, relationships, and even talents from one life to the next. These lingering imprints from past existences are called past life connections.

For example, you may have an irrational fear of water that stems from a past life drowning experience. Or an instant bond with a new friend could harken back to a previous life as siblings or soulmates. Even unexplained abilities, like being a phenomenal singer without formal training, may be leftover skills carried over from a prior life’s mastery.

While past life regression therapy is one way to actively recall past life memories, there are other methods to uncover these connections subtly influencing your current life.

Signs You Have Strong Past Life Connections

Intense Feelings or Affinities Without Explanation

One of the clearest signs is having very visceral, emotionally charged reactions or affinities to certain people, places, or things that you can’t rationally explain. This could manifest as:

  • An immediate soul connection with a new friend or romantic partner that feels destined
  • Being magnetically drawn to or unsettled by certain locations for no apparent reason
  • A phobia that is extreme and originates from your earliest memories
  • Talents or abilities that come naturally without much practice or formal training

Recurring Dreams or Visions

Our subconscious mind processes much more than our waking mind. Pay attention to recurring themes, imagery, or landscapes in your dreams that feel deeply symbolic or portentous. These could be fragmented memories leaking through from past existences.

Out-of-Place Interests or Obsessions

An inexplicable attraction to a culture, era, or subject disconnected from your current life experience may be a calling from the past. For instance, a Westerner with an intense fascination for ancient Egyptian theology or a young child fixated on World War 2 imagery with no prior exposure.

There’s no need to make sense of these leanings right away. Just stay open and capture the details, as these could provide clues later.

Investigating Through Research

Now that you’re acquainted with possible signs, let’s look at methods to substantiate and learn more about potential past life ties.

Past Life Regression

The most direct way is through past life regression therapy guided by a certified practitioner. In a trance-like state, the subconscious mind is open to recalling memories and experiences from previous incarnations that can then be analyzed for connections to the present life.

Human Connections

Look for meaningful synchronicities in meeting people who seem overly familiar or with whom you share unexplained memories, personality traits, or life circumstances. Be open about these impressions to see if they corroborate your suspicions of a shared past.

For example, perhaps you both have an irrational fear of the same seemingly innocuous object or share knowledge about an obscure topic you’ve never formally studied. Exploring these coincidences can illuminate the roots of the connection.

Geographic Ties

Just as with people, you may discover an unexplainable resonance with certain locations, cultures or time periods. Research the history, folklore and special significance of these places. Details that mystically sync with your interests or life path could be breadcrumbs leading to past life associations.

This was how pioneering past-life researcher Dr. Ian Stevenson first became convinced of reincarnation. He encountered numerous cases of children with uncanny knowledge of distant lands and cultures they had never been exposed to but had lived previous lives in those regions.

Look inward as well. Keep a dream journal and be attentive to recurring symbols, names, or imagery that could represent fragmented past life memories. Don’t discount these pieces of the puzzle, even if the meanings aren’t immediately clear.

The Role of Karma

In several major spiritual traditions, the doctrine of karma posits that our positive and negative actions in previous lives determine what challenges or advantages we’ll face in the next reincarnation.

For instance, a tyrannical ruler abusing power may reincarnate into a life of hardship and bullying to learn humility. Conversely, someone who helps others selflessly may be rewarded with fortunate circumstances, skills, or relationships that ease their new life’s journey.

So, looking at major life themes, personality traits, or patterns of struggle and adversity can reveal deeper insights into unresolved karmic lessons being worked out from previous lifetimes.

Did you experience a difficult upbringing that shaped unshakable independence and resilience? Or were you bestowed with seemingly effortless talents that opened many doors? These could represent karmic repercussions and their corresponding lessons playing out across lifetimes.

Don’t judge these circumstances as good or bad. All lives present incomparable opportunities for the soul’s growth and learning. The key is recognizing the patterns and using that awareness as inspiration for whichever virtues need refining in this incarnation.

Making Sense of Past Lives to Enrich Your Present

Knowledge of past lives and their connections can provide:

  • Deeper self-understanding in decoding life circumstances, tendencies, and relationships
  • More self-acceptance in honoring lessons carried over from other incarnations
  • Inspiration to cultivate qualities like compassion, courage, or wisdom, the soul still needs to integrate
  • Release from irrational fears by understanding their karmic origins
  • A wider perspective on one’s life journey across multiple experiences

At its core, this process expands our viewpoint from the short-sightedness and attachment of one lifetime to the bigger picture of the soul’s evolution through many lifetimes and forms.

It’s an empowering shift from feeling like a passive victim of circumstances to an active player working towards mastery, growth, and moksha (liberation) for the immortal soul across every incarnation.

Final Thoughts

Even after dedicated investigation and earnest contemplation, our understanding of past life ties will always be incomplete. After all, we’re catching mere glimpses into expansive journeys spanning countless eons and realms of existence.

So, explore this topic with openness, diligence, and the knowledge that there will always be more to uncover. Each new insight enriches our path, but every revelation also launches a thousand more questions. That’s all part of the great cosmic adventure!

The key is maintaining patience, a beginner’s mindset, and a light heart through it all. Whether recounting ancient kings or commoners, every lifetime’s story merits humble celebration. All are simply acts in the great drama of the eternal soul’s odyssey back to divine wholeness.

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