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Kumuda Reddy, MD
How Our Senses Protect Us
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How Our Senses Protect Us

Maharishi Ayur-Veda uses all fives senses as part of preventive measures and the healing process. Weve all heard the expression, “you are what you eat.” We have a working understanding of how we take food from the environment and convert it into the energy and nutrients that maintain our bodies. However, what most people dont know is that we also metabolize our environment with our senses.
Our sense organs take in information from the world around us, which nourishes our bodies. If, however, a sensory stimulus is too strong, it can be harmful and can even create disease. On the other hand, if one of the sense organs is not stimulated at all, this can also be harmful. Sensory input that is distorted or unnatural is a third potential source of illness based on the interaction of the sense organs and the environment.
The Vedic texts, on which Maharishi Ayur-Veda is based, offer examples
Sight Seeing too bright a light for long periods of time or remaining in very dim light or darkness can be detrimental. Sensitive or weak eyes, photophobia, or night blindness can result. Seeing anything that is frightening, unusual, annoying, emotional, unnatural, or terrifying could generate disease.
Hearing Loud, high-pitched sounds, too little sound, or a total lack of it, are harmful to hearing. Baby-boomers who are finding the need for hearing aids in their 40s can attest to the reality that playing in loud rock bands damages hearing. Harsh or terrifying words; words that convey loss of friends, relatives or money; or news of accidents or crimes can also trigger illness and/or cause hearing disorders, ringing in the ears, reduction in hearing ability, and ear pain.
Touch Potentially harmful influences include touching very hot or cold substances, excessive bathing or oil massages, no bath at all or the complete lack of tactile experience. Research on abandoned infants who have not been touched lovingly by their parents shows dramatically how our emotions and bodies can be disturbed by lack of touch. Babies who are not touched cannot survive. Improper clothing or posture; contact with unclean objects; assault; invasion by worms, insects, and bacteria; and exposure to chemicals or pollutants can all damage health. Potential consequences include skin diseases and allergies and desensitization or hypersensitivity to hot or cold or specific textures.
Taste Adversely affecting the sense of taste can result in food allergies and loss of the ability to taste.
Smell When the sense of smell is overwhelmed, underused, or not used at all, disorders such as a decrease in the sense of smell or odor-related allergies may develop. Smelling toxins such as cigarette smoke, chemical vapors, or polluted air can all weaken the senses and damage the body.
The healing approaches of Maharishi Ayur-Veda always take into consideration a persons environment and lifestyle, and makes corrections so that ill health can be avoided, or the mind/body can be returned to optimum health.

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