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From Fake Cold Medicine to Counterfeit Aloe Vera
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From Fake Cold Medicine to Counterfeit Aloe Vera

From Fake Cold Medicine to Counterfeit Aloe Vera

Unraveling a Deceptive Web

Last Fall, the FDA dropped a bombshell by disclosing the ineffectiveness of the decongestant phenylephrine, a pivotal component in various over-the-counter cold remedies. This revelation laid bare the futility of approximately 250 products, including renowned brands like Sudafed, NyQuil, Tylenol, and Mucinex, collectively raking in $1.8 billion in sales. Astonishingly, these seemingly reputable products, which serve as placebos due to their proven inefficacy when taken orally, persist on the market. However, the FDA is only responsible for flagging products for ‘safety’ issues not ‘efficacy’. This means these ‘safe’ products that don’t work are still available for purchase.

This revelation, however, merely scratches the surface of a much broader systemic issue in consumer deception. The lax regulatory landscape in the United States not only allows for the proliferation of ineffective products in one segment but casts a far-reaching shadow across other markets as well. A glaring example is the Aloe Vera industry.

Aloe Vera, with its succulent leaves and historical recognition for multifaceted applications, represents a natural gift with untapped potential for health-conscious consumers. Scientific research unveils the plant’s diverse properties, spanning antibacterial, antifungal, antibiotic, analgesic, anesthetic, antiseptic, anti-viral, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory attributes. As awareness of these benefits grows, unscrupulous brands flood the market with subpar and counterfeit Aloe Vera products, driven solely by profit motives. The lax efficacy regulations in the U.S. contribute to a climate where ‘safe’ products often lack the promised effectiveness, leaving consumers vulnerable to deceptive practices and compromising their health and well-being.

Several studies have uncovered this disheartening truth, including the 2015 ConsumerLab report and the 2016 Bloomberg investigation, both of which revealed that many Aloe Vera products contain little to no actual Aloe Vera. These findings highlight the prevalence of fraudulent aloe vera products, exploiting the loopholes in FDA regulations. Furthermore, scrutiny in July 2021 discovered benzene contamination in certain aloe products, sparking significant health worries.

Against this challenging backdrop, Desert Harvest, a highly regarded family-owned brand for over thirty years, has harnessed the potent capabilities of Aloe Vera to address the pain associated with conditions like Interstitial Cystitis / Bladder Pain Syndrome (IC/BPS). Their scientific research unveiled the connection between Aloe Vera and IC/BPS relief, distinguishing them as pioneers in the field. This research led to the development of their Super Strength Aloe Vera Capsules, which have been widely embraced by customers seeking IC/BPS relief, with an impressive 92% reporting substantial improvement in their condition.

Their aloe’s potency is a direct result of their unwavering dedication to, and investment in, the harvesting process. This meticulous approach begins with the exclusive use of volcanic soil for aloe cultivation, followed by on-site harvesting within a precise 20-minute timeframe to preserve the nutrients which completely degrade within 6 to 8 hours of being harvested, and a comprehensive on-site processing methodology. Notably, they differentiate themselves by processing the entire Aloe Vera leaf, signifying an extra investment of time and resources. This thorough method efficiently eliminates all anthraquinones, natural irritants with potential long-term carcinogenic effects. Furthermore, they utilize a cold process for freeze-drying, preserving the integrity of the nutrients by preventing heat-induced degradation. This commitment to harvesting may involve inconveniences, more time, and higher costs; however, it is essential to fully capture all the benefits that the aloe plant has to offer.

The exclusive and meticulous patented harvesting process makes Desert Harvest’s Aloe Vera the only aloe recommended by urologists for safe and effective relief of bladder issues. Unfortunately, the positive outcomes associated with their product have led to a widespread misconception that all Aloe Vera is safe for consumption, fueling the growth of a dangerous fake aloe market. This misconception is perilous, as it fosters the belief that any Aloe Vera will yield similar effects. In reality, most aloe is not safe to ingest and can pose serious risks, especially for patients with interstitial cystitis (IC). Firstly, Aloe Vera naturally contains anthraquinones, latex chemicals that can irritate and, over the long term, potentially contribute to colon cancer. Our Super-Strength Aloe Vera Capsules pioneered a patented process over three decades ago, ensuring the complete extraction of these compounds. Unfortunately, most aloe products on the market neglect this critical step, exposing consumers, particularly IC patients, to potential adverse effects. Furthermore, most Aloe Vera products, especially Aloe Vera juices, include preservatives which can irritate the bladder when ingested. For IC patients, this can lead to detrimental flares and exacerbate their condition.

Heather Florio, CEO

The counterfeit Aloe Vera issue is also very prevalent in the topical market. Crucial components vital for sunburn relief—acemannan, malic acid, and glucose—were notably absent in the products Bloomberg’s Investigation tested. Instead, these products were revealed to be laden with maltodextrin, an inexpensive sugar commonly used as a food additive. Maltodextrin, a cost-effective option, is occasionally employed to imitate the nutrient profile of Aloe Vera, compromising the genuine benefits, including sunburn relief, that consumers seek from authentic Aloe Vera products.

This concern extends beyond sunburn relief to encompass various cosmetic products where Aloe Vera plays a pivotal role, such as shampoos, skincare creams, and washes. As Aloe Vera stands as a fundamental ingredient in the majority of cosmetic beauty products, the sourcing of aloe becomes paramount, directly influencing the overall quality of these items. The integrity and authenticity of the aloe utilized can significantly impact the efficacy and benefits delivered by these widely embraced cosmetic essentials.

The narrative of counterfeit cold medicine is undeniably disheartening, revealing a disconcerting reality where companies prioritize profits over consumer well-being. However, amidst this disappointment, a silver lining emerges— the story has sparked heightened awareness. It serves as an awakening, sounding the alarm not only for the deceptive practices in the cold medicine industry but also shedding light on parallel challenges faced by other markets inundated with fake products. This revelation has set the wheels in motion, accelerating efforts to expose unscrupulous actors who exploit the remarkable properties of the Aloe Vera plant for financial gain. As awareness grows, consumers are getting closer to discerning genuine Aloe Vera products, ultimately allowing them to fully experience the natural benefits that Aloe Vera’s nutrients have to offer.

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