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Susan Macey, CHC, CDP
Did You Know -" Minerals Can Affect Weight Loss?
Virginia Center For Health Integration

Did You Know -" Minerals Can Affect Weight Loss?

Body balancing is an essential part of a weight loss program. If you have tried to follow a healthy diet and still can't lose weight, a mineral imbalance may be the cause. Our bodies need vitamins and minerals for optimal functioning. Taking a multivitamin may be good for some people who are getting enough minerals, but without proper mineral balances your multivitamin may not be doing anything for you and could actually be harmful to your overall health.

Correcting body chemistry by providing the missing factors and reducing excesses of toxins, vitamins or minerals is important for losing weight and maintaining a healthy body. Nutrients are the building blocks of our bodies, when they are missing the body compensates, taking important nutrients from other areas of the body to keep a balanced state. After years “robbing Peter to pay Paul”, the body begins to break down. It is not uncommon to experience fatigue, weight gain, muscle tension, arthritis and much more. Many degenerative diseases begin because the body is out of balance and the immune system can no longer fight off illness.

80% of adults today have underactive thyroid and adrenal functions. These glands are the most important energy producing glands in the body. If these glands are not working correctly, the battle to lose weight is lost. Many factors can contribute to low thyroid and adrenal functions, including toxic metals in the body, as well as low mineral levels such as manganese, zinc and chromium. Your hormone levels may be in the normal range, however you may still be experiencing fatigue, the inability to lose weight, headaches, and depression.

There is more to a healthy diet then just eating the right foods, without a nutritional understanding of your bio-individuality, dieting can become frustrating, embarrassing and emotionally exhausting. Knowing what your body needs and eating according to your metabolic type can be the difference between losing the weight you want and not losing weight at all. Your body is a finely tuned machine; when it is out of balance it can't burn calories efficiently, turning unused calories to fat.
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