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Consulting Hypnosis
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Consulting Hypnosis

Consulting Hypnosis

There are many ways of healing. Healing is an awareness that you sense from your inner self (subconscious mind), that tells you that you need to explore what’s happening within yourself internally and consciously. Mind, body, and spirit (the soul) all need healing. The mind tells you what you are experiencing in the given moment. The body reacts as the mind releases the thought. The thought can be positive or negative, and the thought sends the message to the body organs, and then the organs respond to the thought.

Consulting hypnosis – helping everyday normal people with everyday normal problems – can help you with problems or situations by helping the way you interpret the thought and then respond to the thought. The thoughts that bring fear often affect the kidneys, and the thoughts that trigger anger often affect the liver and heart.

The organs reside in the body and mind by way of the body systems. The systems are managed, controlled, balanced, repaired, or healed according to the thoughts you are having about that system and the methods you choose to heal or repair that system.

Often you will hear people say that the doctor can’t seem to find their problem. Whether the doctors find or don’t find the cause of your pain (mental, physical emotional, or spiritual) it is uncomfortable. You simply want relief. You want the doctors to tell you something so that the thought can trigger an emotion in certain organs to heal or not.

Consulting hypnosis can help you sort out everyday problems such as the thoughts that surround COVID-19, or your children, spouse, boss, or whomever – the consulting hypnotist can help you sort things out.

Hypnosis helps you to become aware of your state of mind such as your thoughts, feelings, and emotions that can get trapped in the body, in your organs. A consulting hypnotist helps you to identify the state (fear, anger, sadness, depression, or love) and release it, without the use of drugs or surgery.

Going to see a consulting hypnotist is like going to talk with a friend, a person who has everyday problems too, and who has the tools to teach you how to not just cope but live.

Often our creative imagination in our thoughts helps us to create make-believe situations. But what’s not imagined is the effect it has on your organs and your systems. What is imagined is you feeling whole and complete to go about living your life in the reality that you have healed. What is real and not imagined is going to see a consulting hypnotist, and that it does help.

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