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Lakita Conley-Ware
Improve Heart and Memory Health Naturally
Integrative Health Care

Improve Heart and Memory Health Naturally

Improve Heart and Memory Health Naturally

As we age, our bodies cannot always withstand the side effects that so often come with the use of medications. Wellness can be covered by a broad spectrum of alternative specialties that provide provisions for many anatomical, physiological and mental healthcare supports. One area that supports a gambit of wellness needs is to provide alternative healthcare at the cellular level.

Additionally, as we age, our bodies slowly degrade which results in having less energy for many people. This degradation is impacted by environmental changes such as global warming and UV rays, the lack of appropriate exercise, general poor diets, and daily stress.

Research scientists in the fields of genetics and medicine believe that damage/changes to the cellular structure at the DNA level can also have a great impact on how fast one ages. This is because as one ages, a key cellular component that supports cellular energy decreases in number and in efficiency. This cellular component is called mitochondria.

Furthermore, on every chromosome in the body from skin to the brain, there exist what looks like microscopically a cap on the chromosome. These caps are known as telomeres. As we age, these telomeres decrease in length therefore, impacting the slowing of organ function.  The research scientist, Dr. Elizabeth H. Blackburn won a Nobel Prize for her work, which revealed how telomeres protect the functioning of chromosomes.  It was discovered that as telomeres breakdown, there is an increased risk of heart disease and memory loss.

We hear ‘drink red wine’ to support heart health.  However, its only red wine made from muscadine grapes. This is due to the content of resveratrol and the high concentrations of other polymers in these grapes, both have been linked to good heart health and even cognitive brain support.

Partnering with Dr. Blackburn, the naturopathic firm Shaklee developed a wellness alternative that can provide cellular health across all these areas discussed. It is a naturopathic supplement called Vivix® which contains resveratrol as a key factor. The supplement has patented components that have shown marked changes in the cellular degradation for hundreds of people globally. Vivix, over time, is thought to decrease the degradation/shortening of telomeres as well as an increase in cellular energy.

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