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Linda Ritchie, PhD
Drop Pounds Easily With Hypnosis
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Drop Pounds Easily With Hypnosis

Americans spend roughly $60 billion a year in their attempts to lose weight. The reality is that being overweight takes away many of life’s pleasures and can cause serious health problems. One thing is for sure: when you are overweight, your self-confidence, self-image, and self-respect all suffer.
Diets are only a temporary solution. Most people who go on a diet do lose weight. However, with a traditional diet, the pattern is: lose the weight, gain it back. Lose it again and again, gain it back over and over again. This is known as the yo-yo syndrome, a miserable existence, to say the least.
Everywhere you look there are promises of quick weight loss plans. There are before and after pictures of unbelievably-reshaped bodies and stories of lives transformed. If you are reading this article, you have probably tried a variety of those diets and not been successful long term.
Hypnosis is a unique approach that appeals to many in order to help with the battle of the bulge. Using hypnosis to help you lose weight is not a diet. It is an exercise program for your brain.
Hypnosis works differently than other weight loss techniques because it focuses on your brain rather than your body. It focuses on reprograming the messages you communicate to yourself every day. It will help you change the way you look and feel. It works to program your subconscious mind to eat to live rather than to live to eat.
Using hypnosis, a trained therapist can give your brain new words, thoughts, and images that will change your thinking pattern and your beliefs about your relationship with food. Ever tried using will power to stop eating sweets? How did that go? How much easier would it be to pass up the cookies, candy, or ice cream if you genuinely did not have any desire to eat them? Hypnosis can help change thoughts, feelings and behaviors pertaining to eating and exercise.
Hypnosis is a natural state of inner absorption, concentration and focused attention. When your mind is concentrated and focused, you are able to use it more powerfully and deliberately. A competent therapist using hypnosis will use a collaborative process that specifically targets the unique challenges an individual faces.
Especially when combined with other weight reduction efforts such as exercise and a healthy food plan, hypnosis can contribute significantly to weight loss. In a state of concentrated attention, ideas and suggestions that are compatible with your weight loss goals have a more powerful impact on the mind. This serves as a psychological reinforcer. It can play a role in helping you harness your dreams of having a healthy body and feeling fit and full of energy.
If you are struggling to lose weight, consider seeing a qualified therapist trained in the use of hypnosis who can help you reprogram you mind and body for well-being, good health and successful weight loss.

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