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Sherri Hudson, CT
Are You Suffering From Addiction? These Effective and Affordable Treatment Options Can Help
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Are You Suffering From Addiction? These Effective and Affordable Treatment Options Can Help

Do you suffer or know anyone who suffers from addiction? Addiction is a chronic disease that can be very complicated to treat without the right information, guidance and support. In the United States, around eight percent of the population receives or needs treatment for addiction.

The initial step to recovery is acknowledging that addiction has become a problem. It is important to understand the extent to which the quality of life of someone who is addicted has been affected. Addiction affects work life, relationships with family, school, social activities, recreational events and other areas of function.

Once an individual acknowledges the damaging influence addiction has on his or her life, they can begin to open up about discussing the issue and receiving treatment. Affordable treatment options that have shown great results and can even be used in conjunction with other treatment methods, include:

Light Sound Therapy

This is a safe and drug-free approach that helps reset the brain. It involves a combination of light and sound that produces positive responses from the brain. This treatment eliminates negative thought and promotes a habit of hope.

Cold Laser Neurotoxin Detox

This detox helps with balancing emotions and reduces toxins in all cleansing organs. It is a low-level laser therapy and ionic foot spa cleanse that is used on the lymphatic system, organs and other places in the body where there is pain. This is a comfortable and relaxing way to release toxins and bring back balance.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) promotes healing at a cellular level. It exposes the body to increased atmospheric pressure inside an inflatable chamber. This pressure allows additional oxygen absorption in blood plasma, cerebrospinal fluid and other accessible body fluids. This is a great way to heal the brain.

Hydration Therapy

Water is given an electrical charge to recreate electron rich water. This purified water is consumed during therapy sessions and at home. Hydration therapy restores alkaline balance and prevents the build-up of acidic toxins.

Redox Therapy

Redox therapy is a liquid supplement that detoxes cells by replicating the body’s own redox-signaling molecules. These molecules protect, rejuvenate and maintain cells at their optimal level.

Zyto Balance Scan

This scan gives a 22 page report to show imbalances in the body and the results make it very helpful for practitioners to customize detoxes based on the findings in this report.

Thermography Scan

Also known as digital infrared thermal imaging, thermography is a non-invasive clinical imaging procedure for detecting and monitoring diseases and injuries by showing thermal abnormalities in the body.

Addiction is a complex disease and is different for everyone. It’s important to contact a health professional that can provide the help you need. Planning a course of action and starting an effective treatment plan are critical first steps in finally overcoming your addiction.

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