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Anthony T. Hardnett, DC
Exercise Pain Free
Effective Integrative Healthcare, LLC

Exercise Pain Free

Do you want to exercise and live healthier but are afraid to be in pain or make existing pain worse? Regular exercise, chiropractic and a nutritional diet are a vital part of good health, and it is important to incorporate these items into your lifestyle.

The fear of increasing existing pain or causing new pain is a problem that many people face.

Exercise is not supposed to hurt and if it does, you are doing something wrong. If you are thinking about starting a fitness program it is important to speak with your healthcare professional as well as a fitness expert to work with you on a plan that is right for you.

By informing a chiropractor of any existing pain or conditions, your medical history and past injuries they can work with you to create a fitness regimen that will be both effective and painless if implemented per their recommendation. This plan will take into consideration current pain that you are experiencing and muscle groups that need to be strengthened to help with pain and to possibly alleviate some of it.

The plan will most likely include specific exercise that the fitness professional may suggest for your current situation. With this advice it is possible to exercise and remain pain free, and it will also be possible to improve on any current pain that you may be experiencing.

Depending on your medical history, you will also be told what types of exercises to avoid. Certain types of exercise may make current conditions worse or may cause additional pain since your body is not properly conditioned for that type of exercise.

When preparing to embark into the world of exercise and physical fitness, make sure you check with your health care provider for advice and direction. It is also important to consider nutrition and your diet. What you consume has a direct effect on your health as well as the success or failure of a fitness program.

It is possible to live healthier by incorporating exercise and nutrition into your lifestyle without adding additional pain. Remember, you can become physically active without causing or increasing pain that you already experience. Consult a local chiropractor to come up with an exercise and nutrition regimen that is right for you.

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