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Michael B. Rogers, DDS

Cosmetic Dentistry: Know ALL Your Options

Various surveys report that when you meet someone for the first time, you notice their smile more than any other feature. This fact is why… Continue Reading

Your Hearing, Diabetes and Cardio Health

There are a combination of risk factors that could contribute to your hearing loss. Two of the most common risk factors include diabetes and cardiovascular… Continue Reading

Top reasons to work in the healthcare sector

Job satisfaction There are very few jobs which are more rewarding than working in the healthcare sector. The work may be challenging, but the job… Continue Reading

Your Health Magazine

Deion Sanders has “Time Bomb in His Leg” ­– Loses 2 Toes

Most football fans, and sports fans in general are probably aware that former NFL star Deion Sanders had two toes amputated after blood clots in… Continue Reading

TMD and Sleep the Connection

It may be hard to believe, but when you have a TMJ disorder (otherwise called TMD), this can correlate to sleep-disordered breathing (SDB). The way… Continue Reading

Don’t Let Sleep Apnea Ruin Your Life, Your Relationships, and Your Health

Sleep apnea is a very serious condition, yet more than 80% of people who have it are undiagnosed. This means out of the 24 million… Continue Reading

Levi Pearson, III, MD, MBA, DABA, DABPM

The Different Causes Of Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common issue that affects many people at some point in their lives. The neck, also known as the cervical spine, is… Continue Reading

Important Reasons For Detoxification

Now is the time to start working on detoxing not only to prepare for unveiling the body during the summer show-and-tell season, but to also… Continue Reading

How Dental Lasers Are ‘Difference Makers’ For Pediatric Patients

How it Started: When I opened my practice, I set it up as a laser dentistry practice. In fact, even before I finalized my location,… Continue Reading

Medical Weight Loss, and More

Medical weight loss consists of customized meal plans, dietary supplements, exercise programs, and medication prescriptions to increase your chance of achieving a desirable body weight…. Continue Reading

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