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The 3 Most Important Words in Marketing

How you perceive marketing sometimes depends on what you understand about the different media sources available. As the Internet and social media grow, a lot of marketing dollars are spread out over a larger spectrum of opportunities. Especially with COVID, online resources have exploded. Having said that, you still have to follow the basic principles of marketing and advertising.

The basic ideas of identifying your Target Market, refining your Appeal, and offering your products and services in the Self-Interest of your consumer are critical whether you’re doing online marketing, print media, television or cable, or in any other way.

It is always best to use as many media sources and platforms as you can to get your message across. This leads to our discussion of Repetition. Location is considered to be the most important factor in real estate and that’s why you always hear people say the 3 most important factors in real estate are Location, Location and Location.  In the field of marketing and advertising the 3 most important factors are Repetition, Repetition and Repetition.

There are very good reasons why you would see 23 Geico commercials in the course of one 2-hour basketball game. If they could get the same results by running one spot, they would, but that’s not how it works.

Whether online, print, or television, your message needs to be in front of people – a lot!

In putting together a marketing campaign and budget you need to do it in a way that gets you the most repetition.

This is really true of all things we do in life. For example, it is estimated that we need to see and use a new word 10-15 times in order to learn it. And, if we fail to use it after that, we will forget it over time.

Everyone knows what a Coke is, right? Well, if Coke stopped advertising, it wouldn’t take very long for their business to plummet because people would put that word out of their minds. It’s really that simple.

So, not only do you need repetition, you need continual repetition to reinforce your message. If you spend the time and resources to get your message out there, and then stop, you are essentially wasting your money in the first place.

This may seem challenging, because it is, but that’s the bottom line.

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