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Colleen Blanchfield, MD

Full Circle Neuropsychiatric Wellness Center

11490 Commerce Park Drive
Suite 420
Reston, VA 20191

I have a life-long interest in the brain, behavior and mind-body connections. I have opened my wellness center with the intent of expanding my knowledge and ability to help people help themselves. In both Neurology and Psychiatry, I provide clinical assessment and evaluation as well as medication management. I earned my Bachelor of Science from the University of Wisconsin in 1981 with majors in Zoology and an independent major entitled Biology and Psychology of Women. After finishing my residencies in Neurology and Psychiatry at State University Health Science Center in Brooklyn, I chose to begin my neuropsychiatric practice in Northern Virginia. She was attracted to the diversity of the area as well as the strong sense of family and community that she found here.

MD (301) 805-6805 | VA (703) 288-3130