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How Proper Breathing Contributes To Our Wellness

We breathe daily without thinking about it – while we sleep, shower, eat, work, play and more. Interestingly, breathing can have a positive effect on… Continue Reading

What Are the Best Positions for Sleeping?

During sleep, your body rests and repairs itself. Your sleep position can help or hinder this process depending on how well it supports the natural… Continue Reading

COVID, Insomnia, Apnea + Other Sleep Disorders

Insomnia Insomnia is a pervasive sleep disorder during these troubling times. Patients with insomnia are approached with a careful review of their entire history and… Continue Reading

4 Tips Sleeping Tips For Your Baby

“What should be done eventually, must be done immediately.” This was a quote from a college athletics administrator about why he was firing a football… Continue Reading

Beauty and Sleep Apnea

Many people have become familiar with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) over the years, mostly through an association with snoring.  As more and more information has… Continue Reading

How Do You Diagnose Sleep Disorders?

Sleep conditions can cause both common and complex health issues – from weight concerns and daytime sleepiness, to choking and aggressive behaviors during sleep. An… Continue Reading

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