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Combatting Veteran Homelessness: Community Initiatives and Solutions

We stand at a crucial juncture where the resilience and valor of our veterans meet the compassionate and concerted efforts of our communities. In this… Continue Reading

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Monkeypox Outbreak in the U.S.

Just as we are getting out of the COVID days and things look like they are mostly returning to some semblance of normal, there is… Continue Reading

Your Health Magazine

Monkeypox in the U.S., Western Hemisphere

The US and other western countries are monitoring new cases of monkeypox, which is a virus not commonly found in the west. Monkeypox is a… Continue Reading

Learn How To Protect Yourself and Others

Learn how to protect yourself and others in an active violence situation. TFC Lifesavers’ now offers A.V.E.R.T. (Active Violence Emergency Response Training) through the Health… Continue Reading

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