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Will Higher Grocery Prices Result in Weight Loss?
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Will Higher Grocery Prices Result in Weight Loss?

Will Higher Grocery Prices Result in Weight Loss?

Less Food vs. More Stress – Is this the Great Weight Loss, or Gain?

As we are all impacted by gas prices, inflation, war, politics, the supply chain and difficult situations across the board, COVID is not at the top of most people’s priority list. One thing that is at the top of the list is food prices! They are increasing far beyond what the government is reporting, but we can all see the difference every time we go out or go to the grocery store.

One of the key determining factors in your overall health is your weight. Most Americans could benefit by eating healthier and simply eating less. So, will that be a side effect of soaring food prices?

Many food companies are not only increasing prices, they are also reducing the amount in the package. It’s the double whammy for consumers. Companies like Proctor and Gamble are putting less product in many food packages not even changing the packaging.

The guy who says, hmm, “Let’s take a couple olives out of the bottle and no one will notice, it looks pretty much the same.”  Pretty much every product you buy is going to have less product in the package.

Restaurants are doing the same thing reducing portion size and using cheaper ingredients to keep the prices within reason while giving you less food for your money.

As families tighten their budgets buying less food and getting less for their money it would seem this would result in people eating less and losing weight, right? That makes a lot of sense. So, it seems like that would all lead to people being lighter and healthier.

Then there is this other cause of weight gain called “stress”. Many people who feel stressed snack more and eat more. For many, eating is a great remedy when you feel stressed. And, no question, there is stress almost everywhere you look. Just the thought of driving your car or paying your bills is creating stress at record levels.

The Biden administration seems to have taken on the role as “stress creator”. Whether you like the policies or not, they are causing everyone stress. It seems like this administration openly says this every day. They talk about the “pain” investment we are making and how that somehow will benefit us in the future.

Stress is bad! In general when people get stressed out, they are less productive, less happy, their health deteriorates and their lives are actually shortened. Trying to make sense of all that’s going on is stressful in itself. The stock market is being decimated, family savings are on the decline, even rich people are losing wealth at a record pace. People are being crushed, with no end in sight.

The price of housing is skyrocketing and now mortgage rates are double what they were a year ago. Combine these two factors and it’s destroying the opportunity to buy a house.

COVID is still going on, although it looks like we have weathered the worst of it. War in Ukraine, inflation, gas prices, racial conflicts, abortion rights, oil, energy, etc. Everywhere you look, this administration is the creator of stress. It’s not all their fault, but they have created more stress out of situations that just didn’t need to happen. When they can’t even understand the supply chain of baby formula, and how incredibly stressful that is, what do they understand?

Less food would seem to portend people losing weight. But, there is so much stress everywhere, what will be the outcome for our health? Will people eat themselves out of the stress and gain weight? Will they lose weight? Or, maybe things like heart disease and other systemic illnesses will increase. No one watching this whole mess really knows. You can’t even get anyone to make a definitive prediction about the future.

What’s next? Who knows? It seems like this government is simply one crisis after another. It’s pretty easy to predict there will be more crises than solutions. That’s what we’re seeing now, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon.

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