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Jeffrey B. Brown, MD
Weight Loss Be More Process Focused
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Weight Loss Be More Process Focused

Don't be overly fixated on the end result of any process whether that process is losing weight or starting a business because if you do, the closer you think you're getting to the end-result, the farther it will move away from you. If you stay focused and committed to the process, the end-result will take care of itself.

The value of change is not the end result, it's how the process changes you as a person. The person you become through the process is far more important than just achieving any goal.

One day, you'll look into a mirror and see a different person looking back. You'll see that you've changed. In fact, only this change you could hold on to the end-result products of your process anyway.

What you need most is not just weight loss, money or a big home those are the bonuses of you changing. Have you ever wondered how self-made millionaires can lose all their assets, but, given about 6-18 months, they have it all back? They often recover because their wealth was but a bonus of having internalized the entrepreneurial spirit. They fell in love with the process a long time ago, and the process so shaped who they are as people that making money is just a side effect.

Any process that can produce results worth having will inevitably require at least two things

1. That you take some important actions that you may not want to take but are critical for your success, and

2. That you overcome some obstacles that you may not want to face.

There is no magic to getting what you want. It's all about being willing to do the above.

To take engaging with your process to the next level requires you to learn to like, enjoy, and/or, yes, even love to do what the process requires. If you don't learn to at least enjoy doing and meeting the requirements of your process, you will eventually quit. Work your process long enough until it becomes a habit, and at that point your process will be on autopilot.

If permanent weight loss, good health, and wellness are the results you're seeking, one process you must learn to enjoy is the process of eating lower carbs and real food.

Making up your mind to reduce your net daily carb intake to a level that allows your body to burn fat for fuel is the first requirement of the permanent weight loss process.

Secondly, you'll have to learn to enjoy overcoming the many obstacles this new diet and lifestyle will surely bring.

Over time, by committing to doing the requirements in this process until they become habitual, the goal of weight loss will take care of itself. And you'll be able to keep off the weight because you will have become a different person.

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