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Michael Chiaramonte, MD, FACS
The Bella Body Lift
Bella Cosmetic Surgery
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The Bella Body Lift

The Bella Body Lift was developed to meet the needs of individuals who desire a more contoured mid-section.

This surgical procedure removes excess skin and fat from below the breast area through the middle and lower abdomen, back (bra roll), flank (love handle) and around the buttocks.

Unlike the tummy tuck, which only addresses the stomach, this procedure reduces and contours that entire mid-section that is often left unattended by a traditional tummy-tuck.

The Bella Body Lift Surgery

Tummy tucks are effective procedures to remove excess skin from the front of the abdomen; however, many patients are left with fullness in the upper abdomen, flanks and back.

Typically, a second liposuction surgery is performed several months later to shape the mid-body. The Bella Body Lift is a single operation that combines liposuction of the entire mid-section with a tummy tuck, giving a dramatic result with a single operation, saving both time and money for the patient. Many patients will go down one to two dress sizes on average.


As with the tummy tuck, women and men who are in relatively good shape but are bothered by large fat deposits that diet and exercise just does not seem to address are the best candidates.

If you are plagued with bulges that show through your sweaters and form-fitting clothes, the Bella Body Lift could be the answer for you. In a personalized, private consultation the technique will be explained in greater detail and it will be determined if you are a good candidate for the procedure.

You owe it to yourself to learn more about the Bella Body Lift if you are ready for a new you.

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