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Ayssa Dantzler, Owner
Invest In Yourself: New Year – New You
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Invest In Yourself: New Year – New You

Invest In Yourself: <strong>New Year – New You</strong>

The new year is here, the old year has passed, and now is the time to envision what lies ahead. Among many focused resolutions, health improvement goals and gains should rank highest on the priority list. After all, attaining great health is the highest resolve of all.

Not sure where to begin, start with “Movement.” Think of movement as a real-estate investment, and your improved body is your Return on Investment (ROI). Each time you move, you make a deposit. Gains from movement (your ROI) include joint and bone health improvements, muscles strengthening, and coordination and balance enhancements. Without movement the body deteriorates.

The listed recommendations create new ROI movement habits:

  • Commit to giving up a sedentary lifestyle: Permit yourself to more breaks. Get up every half hour to an hour and stretch.
  • Unlock your Jaw/unclench your teeth: Relax your jaw then move your jaw side to side. According to dentalwellnessgroup.com the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is an often used and under-acknowledged joint of the body. TMJ enables the mouth to open, close, and perform everyday activities like eating, expressing emotions with your face, and speaking to others.
  • Wake up the feet, spread the toes: A human foot has 26 bones and 33 joints. Feet are not designed to spend inordinate amounts of time in shoes. Excessive wearing of footwear can cause blisters, calluses, bruises, plantar fasciitis, and unhealthy postural habits. Liberate your feet, spread and wiggle those toes and restore natural foot health.
  • Focused Breathing: Becoming more conscious and aware of your breathing to help combat stress. Try diaphragmatic breathing. Contract and flatten the belly, inhale deep breaths and exhale. Diaphragmatic breathing helps reduce blood pressure, heart rate and improving relaxation.

Remember this is the year of the new you. Invest in yourself and enjoy your ROI. Continuously move, create small habits over time ultimately shaping the body. Always know, you are essential! You are epic! Happy New You!

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