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Michael Chiaramonte, MD, FACS
Fat Reduction – Your Options
Bella Cosmetic Surgery
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Fat Reduction – Your Options

Do you look in the mirror and see unwanted fat? Probably so – virtually everyone has unwanted fat.  The good news is that the options for fat removal are better than ever.


New technology allows non-surgical removal of stubborn areas of fat. Fat cells freeze faster than other tissues when cooled. Cryolypolysis is the principle behind CoolSculpting. Sit back and read a book or watch TV as this new technology freezes away unwanted fat.

Each area takes approximately 60 minutes to treat. A specialized device covers the desired treatment area and results in a 25% reduction of fat. The fat cells gradually die and are reabsorbed by the body. Patients can expect to see a difference in 4-6 weeks, and full results in about three months. No anesthesia or surgery is required.


Everyone is familiar with liposuction, the “gold standard” for fat removal. Laser liposuction and power assisted liposuction remain the most popular choices.

SmartLipo® is the most well known laser liposuction device.  This method utilizes medical-grade lasers to create a light beam powerful enough to rupture fat cells, melting the fat without traumatizing nearby blood vessels, nerves, and other soft tissues. The fat is released into the tissues and reabsorbed by the body.

Power assisted liposuction (PAL) uses a vibrating hand piece to break up fatty tissue as it is removed from the body. It allows for a slightly more gentle technique than traditional liposuction and is especially helpful in areas of dense fat tissue. This particular method is best for contouring larger areas or when combined with surgery to achieve the desired result. PAL requires mild sedation and is typically performed in an accredited surgery center.

Bella Body Lift

While liposuction is great for fat removal, it does not address extra skin. A tummy tuck may be necessary to remove excess skin in addition to the liposuction. However, many patients are left with fullness in the upper abdomen, flanks and back. The Bella Body Lift combines liposuction of the entire mid-section with a tummy tuck, leaving a dramatic result with a single operation, saving both time and money for the patient. Patients can expect to drop one to two dress sizes.

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