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Tommy Lee, owner
DNA Research and Nutrition Breakthrough
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DNA Research and Nutrition Breakthrough

It is common knowledge that nutrition is a very important factor when considering weight control and overall health. Recently, a biotechnology research company has made major breakthroughs in the areas of DNA research and nutrition.
According to a study that was released, it is now possible to customize your nutritional supplements based on your specific DNA footprint. Foot printing involves investigating the specific sequence of DNA binding proteins that is individual to each person. Due to advances in technology and advances in genetics and nutrigenomics (nutrition and genetics) people can now benefit from a supplement that is formulated based on their own predispositions and DNA foot print.
The study states that there are over 177,000 possible combinations. This new technology will take the guesswork out of choosing a nutritional supplement that is right for you and suited for your body. Now people can get a customized supplement that will have an exact formula of what your body is lacking, which in turn, will help to ensure peak performance internally. Recently, scientists have confirmed that each of us has a unique, “genetically determined” body chemistries. Even small variations in your genes can have a significant influence on how well your body responds to food, nutrients, physical activity, enviromental stresses and how you may be predisposed to a variety of other important health and physiological conditions. By analyzing and understanding your unique genetic strengths and weaknesses, you can eliminate the guesswork and “genetically guide” the optimal nutritional supplement or skincare formulations to match what your body needs.
Experts are predicting a fundamental shift; consumers will begin to demand wellness and nutritional products specifically formulated for their genetic profile. The current “one size fits all” paradigm in nutrition is obsolete.
The genetic age is upon us, talk to a local expert on breakthroughs in the field as well as finding a supplement specifically formulated for your DNA. This is an exciting change in the history of nutrition, health and wellness, the future of nutrition is here.

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