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Marcia B. Levi, DC
Finding The Fountain of Youth
Optimal Care Chiropractic

Finding The Fountain of Youth

It is the start of a brand new year and we are aging rapidly but are we aging well? As a person and a nation often the attitude is if you are not sick or diagnosed with a disease then you must be in good health and therefore aging well. The reality is much different. Think back to this past Christmas and the gifts that were handed out to loved ones. How many of the gifts given were related to correcting, improving or sustaining good health habits? We need good health habits to maintain our fountain of youth.
We need help now since many conditions and diseases are not apparent for a long time and we have to reset our thinking. Constant and correct health habits are the best pathway to the fountain of our youth. For example cancer from smoking does not happen the first time you take a puff but many years later the results can be detrimental. The same can be said for having poor posture, eating lots of food with poor nutritional value and a lack of the correct exercises. Aging well requires, rather it demands our attention now.
So let's about find and use the fountain of youth.
First, the fountain of youth lies inside of you. Searching for the fountain in a place outside of your own body is very limiting and not self-serving. Start inside. You were born with the ability to heal yourself but first interference to this natural process must be removed. One of the goals of natural health providers is to help you prevent interference to the healing process. Chiropractors work with realigning the bones of the spine allowing the nervous system a clear path to do its work.
Second, the thought of living a long life scares some people because of the current quality of their lives but all is not lost. The health choices we make and the decisions we hold ourselves to can help us to age well over time. In our youth the thought of eating right or exercising in a particular manner was left up to our parents and caregivers. Some of our fears may be associated with the quality of life we see the same parents and caregivers now experiencing. We are not designed to live in fear so embrace the opportunity to choose well and choose right at this stage of your life.
Third, as your natural health provider it is my responsibility to help you age well by controlling the factors that affect your longevity. Having a guide to the fountain of your youth is a great thing.
Chiropractors are specially trained to remove nerve interference so your body can function optimally. If you want a checkup to determine whether you are on the path to fully maximizing your fountain of youth make an appointment to be evaluated by me.

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