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Hema Sundaram, MA, MD, FAAD
Beauty On a Budget Four Keys To Finding The Right Doctor
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Beauty On a Budget Four Keys To Finding The Right Doctor

This year, men and women are increasingly choosing non-surgical methods to improve their appearance and look more youthful, rather than going under the surgical knife, and with good reason. Todays non-invasive technology rejuvenates you dramatically yet subtly while preserving your individuality, unlike cookie-cutter surgery that can leave you looking done rather than younger. Its also more economical and fits well into your budget. You will look completely natural, with no scarring and be able to return to normal activities straight away. Others will be unaware that youve had any “work” done but often remark that you never seem to age.
Here are five keys to finding the right cosmetic surgeon to perform your New Years makeover.
1. Check Your Doctors
Only doctors who have trained and are board certified in one of four medical specialties are recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties as experts in cosmetic surgery. These “core four” specialties are dermatology, plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery and oculoplastic surgery. Before selecting a doctor to perform your procedures, make sure he or she is board certified in one of the “core four” specialties.
2. Select an Expert
The most expert cosmetic surgeons steer physician training programs and serve as FDA principal investigators and advisors for new cosmetic surgery technologies. Their offices may be national physician training centers and attract doctors from throughout the country and even overseas to learn the latest techniques. They teach nationally at medical conferences and are recognized as thought leaders in their field. They are often quoted as experts in cosmetic surgery and skincare in the national media.
3. Look For Choices
True cosmetic surgery specialists offer many different treatment options, so that your action plan can be customized to address your own unique pattern of aging. Your cosmetic surgeon should not just perform a few basic procedures such as Botox, hair laser or fillers, but should also have at least four or five state-of-the-art lasers permanently in the office (not just rented for occasional use), and offer advanced procedures such as nonsurgical face lifting, laser lipolysis, and permanent make-up. Even if you dont choose all these procedures, the more of them your doctor offers, the more likely she or he is to be dedicated to cosmetic surgery rather than just performing it as a sideline.
4. Look For the Latest
Technology and Techniques
The hottest new laser for 2010, the Syneron Triniti, rejuvenates all three layers of your skin simultaneously with little or no down time by removing wrinkles, discolorations, scars and broken blood vessels, and tightening your skin and pores. The newest Fraxel laser, the Fraxel repair, also dramatically rejuvenates your face, neck, chest, hands or other body areas. Nonsurgical face lifting with the natural sugar-based fillers, Perlane and Restylane, removes under-eye hollows and bags and jowls and restores youthful fullness to your lips and cheeks, taking years, even decades, off your appearance. Other fillers such as Evolence and Juvederm can be added.
New Botox and Dysport techniques safely smooth out worry lines, frown lines, crows feet, and wrinkles around your mouth and on your neck, while preserving your natural facial expressions. The latest body-shaping breakthrough is the LipoLite, which safely, comfortably and precisely melts away unwanted fat from areas such as your abdomen, thighs, arms and chin and also dramatically tightens your skin, with little or no recovery time. LipoLite can be combined with Velashape to also improve cellulite and stretch marks.

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