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John R. Greensfelder, DC
What Is Cold Laser Therapy?
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What Is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold lasers have been used to treat chronic back pain, neck pain, as well as headaches, sprains and more. Those with muscle strain or soft tissue pain have also sought relief with low-level laser therapy. Cold laser therapy has also proven beneficial to patients suffering from arthritic joint pain. This form of therapy has reportedly regenerated cartilage in patients, while also reducing the inflammation and swelling typically experienced. Studies have indicated that cold laser therapy is especially beneficial for those with rheumatoid arthritis.

Cold lasers are noninvasive, unlike hot lasers used for various surgical purposes. The low level light emitted from cold lasers does not destroy tissue; conversely, it is reported to stimulate cell growth and repair. Cold lasers emit visible coherent light that is applied to the affected area. Within the injured musculoskeletal tissue, low-level laser light initiates increased microcirculation and enhanced tissue regeneration. Improved circulation, in turn, promotes faster healing. As a result, individual physical properties that induce wellness work to repair cells, leading to improved health.

Low-level laser therapy usually requires several appointments but patients have reported noticing an immediate decrease in their pain symptoms. Others have claimed a reduction in pain levels in the 24-hour period after their treatment. In both of these instances, patients have reported that the reduction in pain remained long after an individual treatment session.

Aside from increasing blood flow to the injured area, low level laser therapy is believed to have an analgesic effect and been known to reduce swelling, nerve reaction to painful stimulation, and muscle fatigue. The combination of these effects allows for a reduction in pain and inflammation and an increase in overall range of motion and muscle strength.

Cold level laser treatments are a viable solution for people suffering from various sorts of muscle pain. It allows for a natural solution that will get you back into the swing of things quicker than through traditional approaches to healing sore and injured muscles and joints.

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