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Jay Cho, DC, LAc, FIAMA
Spinal Decay/Degeneration
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Spinal Decay/Degeneration

Spinal Decay/Degeneration

I Can’t Lie Down On My Back. I Cannot Look Up.

Mr. Hill, a 72-year-old male, was under acupuncture care due to vertigo for one and a half months then he got finally got better. He wanted further evaluation and consultation for mid to lower back pain and hunched back posture. He stated that he could only lie on his side when sleeping and he could not lie on his back due to his mid- lower back pain.

Unfortunately, he was told that his symptoms could be alleviated, but his hunched back could not be fully healed due to his spinal area fusing together permanently from a previous injury with compression fractures and degenerative changes.

Mr. Moon was a 51-year-old male who complained that he could not extend his neck. He was diagnosed with AS (ankylosing spondylitis). His spine was losing motion due to spinal degeneration and ligament calcification. He was strongly urged to see a spine specialist, however, he did not, and 10 years later he realized that he has lost most of his motion. He cannot look up towards the sky and he cannot lie on his back unless he has two pillows under his head. At this point it would be very hard for him to regain lost spinal range of motion because it was simply too late.

Some patients have lost their joint motions by deformity and degeneration caused by age, previous injury, prolonged wrong posture, and congenital anomaly. “I am not sure why I can’t turn my head to the right side far enough”, “I can’t lie on my back without a big pillow”, “I can’t lie down on my back because it is has been too uncomfortable since a few years ago”, “I was really surprised that I could not extend my neck to see the sky.”

Spinal decay is one of the things that can cause a decrease and limit in our joint motions without noticeable symptoms. It naturally starts around the age of 25 and it gets faster with age, repeated injury, immune disease, or bad posture including sedentary lifestyle.

Unfortunately, bone degeneration can not be reversed once it happens. It is the way of the human body as part of nature, but we can prevent and slow this with our own efforts including better posture, regular exercise and stretches, balanced diet, and more.

Move now before too late. Please get to know your body and get advice from specialists. We need our body healthy enough for a 100-year-old life expectation.

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