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Gary Blabey, DC
Non-Surgical Options For Low Back and Neck Pain
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Non-Surgical Options For Low Back and Neck Pain

There are many conservative options for treating chronic unresponsive spinal pain and most practitioners would agree that surgery, while necessary at times, should be limited to emergency situations or when the patient is non-responsive to other non-invasive treatments.

Since 80% of all Americans will experience low back pain at some point in their lives, most individuals have tried various treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage, stretching, exercise or prescription and over the counter medications. Each treatment has value in addressing these issues.

The simple fact that there are so many non-surgical options for this common health problem suggests that there is not one specifically known cause for these conditions and it is multimodal in nature and cause. This would explain why individuals will swear by the treatment that appears to have helped them, but others may have tried that treatment with no benefit or measurable change.

Acute and episodic neck and low back pain while many times will resolve on its own is usually a early warning sign that there may be underlying problems with posture, ergonomics, de-conditioning or spinal and disc degeneration. The danger in not addressing these issues early on is that these conditions many times will return with increased frequency and intensity which means they are now bigger problems and take more aggressive therapy to restore function and neurological integrity and re-stabilization of your body structure. Much like with dental care, early correction and prevention is the key to minimizing the potential for this becoming a chronic and costly problem.

Due to this being a multifaceted problem the treatment choice and course should be determined by a detailed examination and classification of what the underpinnings and causes of the condition are. Aspects of bone and disc function as well as soft tissue function such as muscle, tendon and ligament integrity need to be addressed. Also, underlying complications and risk factors need to be taken into consideration in regards to the best treatment approach.

So, when considering various nonsurgical options for addressing chronic and persistent spinal issues, we would suggest that you look at an approach that utilizes multiple therapies and treatment modalities. A corrective and rehabilitative program may include manual adjustments, physical therapy and exercise rehabilitation, neuromuscular rehabilitation, posture and ergonomics correction as well as an effective home program.

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