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Keith P. Myers, MD, DC
Learn How To End Knee Pain

Learn How To End Knee Pain

Learn How To End Knee Pain

The I Hate Knee Pain program is designed to keep you out of the operating room and avoid the effects of harmful medications.

Detailed Health History

From your first point of contact with the I Hate Knee Pain Program, the focus is on you. Open, interactive dialogue is established to find out as much about your health history as possible. Previous conditions, surgeries, past experiences and current medications all can impact procedures and treatments. This ensures you achieve your best possible results and leaves no stone unturned.

Comprehensive Examination

The I Hate Knee Pain program relies heavily upon a comprehensive physical exam. This is so your physician can see how your affected body parts move or don’t move. Your I Hate Knee Pain physician will want to see how you walk, how you stand, how you get out of a chair. A hands on approach combined with acute observation skills allows your physician to precisely diagnose your condition

Diagnostic Procedures

On site X-rays, Fluoroscopy and Ultrasound adds to the accuracy of your diagnosis. Specific orthopedic diagnostic testing is also performed to further pinpoint the causative factors of your condition. Depending on your physician’s findings, you may be referred out for further testing, such as MRI.

Accurate Diagnosis

No action is taken without an accurate diagnosis. A precise diagnosis allows your physician to devise the proper course of action and assure the best possible results.

Plan of Action

I Hate Knee Pain is an integrative orthopedic approach combining regenerative orthopedics and rehabilitation. Your diagnosis and overall health determine your course of action. Your physician will provide their best suggestions, including referrals if they do not think they can help. Your plan of action is specifically tailored to help you live an active and pain free life. Your I Hate Knee Pain program may include and is not limited to:

Rehabilitation: A non-invasive approach to feeling better and getting strong. The exclusive home to Reflexive Pattern Therapy®, therapists work to reset the body and relieve acute and chronic pain. The physical therapy team specializes in increasing strength and improving balance while the chiropractic team specializes in decreasing pain and improving posture.

Viscosupplementation: A gel like lubricating fluid is injected into your arthritic joint, primarily used to treat symptoms of knee osteoarthritis.

Platelet Therapy (PRP): Platelet rich plasma preparations contain highly concentrated platelet growth factors to signal cells to repair and rebuild damaged tissue. Primarily used to reduce pain, promote increase strength, improve overall function and serve as an alternative to surgery.

Stem Cell Therapy: A natural and organic use of your own body’s stem cell reservoir to speed up and promote healing. Stem cell therapy is administered directly into an injured and/or arthritic joint to provide oxygenation and decrease inflammation. Primarily used as a minimally invasive alternative to surgery and joint replacement.

Alternative Treatments: Nontraditional options of care are provided if standard treatments or procedures do not improve your condition.

To get moving and discover the secrets to ridding yourself of your daily, chronic, annoying knee pain consider the I Hate Knee Pain program.

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