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Raju Mantina, NCBTMB
Live a Pain-Free Life
Microtrauma Maintenance Therapy
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Live a Pain-Free Life

Live a Pain-Free Life

Treatment Of Acute and Chronic Injuries To Avoid Unnecessary Surgeries

It is an inevitable fact that the soft tissue in our bodies deteriorates both as we age and due to injury. It tears, weakens and eventually it fails. As therapists, we can help reduce and at times reverse the deterioration. 

The right therapy can enhance soft tissue health for our clients, be it an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, so that they can function and perform at their peak level without discomfort, pain, and injury. 

For more than 25 years as a sports massage therapist working with Olympic athletes as well as regular individuals, combined with the increased awareness of the importance as well as the scientific research extolling the virtue of exercise and stretching as fundamental to a healthy person, we have found that a combination of exercise, Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) and massage can create the space in the soft tissue and maintain its suppleness to allow our clients to live without discomfort and pain. 

Raju says “This technique can be adapted and used on almost any client and can lead to a new wave of success in the clinical massage therapy world as well.” More and more experts are telling their clients that massage can help delay and even avoid surgical intervention.

The Three Elements of Micro-Trauma Maintenance Therapy

  • Exercise – One has to honestly implement and do exercise regularly without exception and excuse for optimal results. The soft tissue will develop its basic foundation and can withstand and absorb healthy stress by rearranging and strengthening itself.
  • AIS Stretching (Active Isolated Stretching) – During this form of stretching, the soft tissue opens up with the highest possible length, which allows the tissue to function and perform at optimal state without discomfort, pain, or injury.
  • Massage – In combination with the AIS stretching, the massage provides additional suppleness and vitality, and continues to allow the tissue to function and perform at optimal states.

Article written by Raju Mantina, NCBTMB and Piret Tuisk, LMT

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