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Frederick T. Sutter, MD
Why Invest In Wellness?
Center for Wellness Medicine

Why Invest In Wellness?

Todays health care system is the product of what the early 20th century defined as heroic medicine. Providers would intervene at points of crisis, and the patient would either survive at which point the provider was a hero or die. Much has changed over the last century. Most negative health events of years past were left unexplained and attributed to fate.
Today, 70% of health care crises or events of ill health are the result of lifestyle choices, made on a daily basis over a period of years. Leading up to these events, the individual slowly and progressively loses his or her sense of wellbeing, often attributing it to the getting older.
Now, there is unequivocal scientific evidence that simple lifestyle changes can produce clear and noticeable improvements in an individuals state and appreciation of well-being. Optimal health is not the absence of disease. It is a balance of physical, mental, spiritual and social health that allows the individual to live to his or her fullest potential. Its easy to pick out individuals in a crowd who are practicing good health habits. They have a glow of noticeable energy. And if you arent having that experience, you can.
The greatest benefit of investing in wellness care and prevention with scientifically proven approaches is experienced by the individual who follows a program recommended by a licensed health professional. This person can experience vibrant health and enjoy the rewards of better energy, mental clarity and peace of mind regarding their long-term health risks, every moment of every day.
When actively engaged in healthy lifestyle choices, it has been shown that if you do get sick, youll recover much faster. And when the time finally comes to transition out of this life, it will most likely occur with a shorter time of disability and burden to others.
Our current medical system is exceptionally effective for acute disease management. However, it is becoming ever clearer that this system, particularly with regards to health insurance, is not designed for wellness care.
A growing number of individuals are now investing in their own wellness care, rather than waiting for illnesses to arrive in order to use their insurance-based entitlement. Some are investing in unproven wellness approaches, and getting questionable results. A wiser approach is to seek science-based programs designed to measure wellness results and to teach yourself how to feel optimally well, as well as to prevent disease.
Educated use of vitamin supplements can accelerate the experience of wellness and help you to sustain a solid foundation for long-term health. Research and use the best quality supplements you can find because there is enormous variability in quality on the market. Obtain counseling by a licensed professional if you are taking several types of supplements and medications simultaneously, or if you are not sure of which supplements to take.
Lastly, commit to regular follow-up with a licensed wellness caregiver, who can recommend the best approach for you and provide long-term coaching to help you continue creating optimal well-being for a lifetime. After all, learning how to feel your best is the best investment that you can make.

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