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Elba M. Pacheco, MD
Thermage and More
Center for Eye and Laser Surgery
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Thermage and More

The decision to pursue cosmetic rejuvenation can be daunting with so many choices appearing on the horizon daily, each promising to be the panacea. The key to rejuvenation lies in your choosing the optimal combination of treatments.
Instead of being a laser, which only penetrates the skin surface, Thermage uses radio waves to penetrate deep beneath the skin where it tightens and re-contours tissues. It lifts your face and contours the neck area like a mini face-lift, without surgery, liposuction or downtime. Designed as a one-time procedure, Thermage results last an average of three years. In time, it can be safely repeated to restore the original benefits. Thermage can bring a previous facelift back to life obviating the need for another surgery. Thermage can complement an eyelid lift, minimize the surgery needed to rejuvenate eyes, or delay eyelid surgery.
Dermal fillers, such as Restylane, Juvederm and Perlane, use a non-animal substance that can be injected called hyaluronic acid. This is identical to the natural substance in your skin that holds collagen in place; therefore no allergy testing is necessary. These fillers are injected to minimize nasolabial folds, lip lines, parentheses/folds around the mouth and marionette areas, to augment lips, blunt circles around the eyes, and to fill scars. The correction lasts 6-9 months in areas with great movement (lips, marionette lines) and 12-14 months in areas that are more static (nasolabial folds). Other dermal fillers do exist, but all carry greater risks and therefore are not favored by the author.
Botox treatments and medical-grade skin care are core to achieve and maintain a youthful appearance. Skin care reduces lines produced by sun damage and age, Botox reduces or eliminates those produced by unwanted facial expression. Used together they achieve powerful results. Glycolic and other acids, retinoids, bleaching creams, antioxidants and sun block constitute the building blocks of successful medical-grade skin care. These regimens are tailored individually and adjusted periodically to achieve the necessary goals. An experienced and qualified physician should be the only choice for your Botox injections.
Light-based treatments, including Fraxel, IPL photo rejuvenation and CO2 laser, are recommended for those who wish to further rejuvenate their skin. Pore reduction, elimination of fine lines and pigment spots, improvement of acne scarring and broken capillaries, are all achievable through these treatments. Condition severity and skin type determine the light-based treatment recommended. Medical skin care is used in conjunction to enhance and maintain results.
The eyes are often first to show signs of aging, and eyelid surgery is frequently pursued early. Consider the expertise and qualifications of any surgeon. Your primary physician or general eye doctor may assist you with a recommendation. Remember that optimal results are achieved through combination therapies, and that every modality discussed enhances eyelid surgery results.

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