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Anne C. Crowley, MAc, LAc
Summer Joy, Partnership, Passion
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Summer Joy, Partnership, Passion

Now that we have seen spring in all its rebirth and glory, nature ushers us into the summer, the season of blooms and fullness. Summer is the utmost yang time of the year more light, more activity, more intermingling. People who live in the fire energy of summer thrive on friendship, partnership and companionship. When things are out of balance, one can become depressed and withdrawn, actually having an absence of yang. Acupuncture can help to stoke the fire and bring the energy to fullness in the meridians so that we have a brighter outlook.
The heart is the number one official of the body and it is the epitome of fire energy. It is the benevolent emperor in charge of all other organs or meridians in the body. It likes to be in control and feels scattered and anxious if it feels out of control. The small intestine is the sister meridian of the heart meridian that sorts and discriminates what the heart should even consider as important.
These choices are major life choices such as, “am I passionate about this career?” or “Is my heart in this relationship?” or “how much is this my desire rather than my childrens?” These are questions that the heart must deal with and the small intestine acts as the discriminator, allowing only the important questions in.
Once the small intestine lets the information in, the heart has two other officials to support it the pericardium meridian or heart protector and the triple heater. The pericardium stays close to the heart and protects it from insults such as rejection or non-inclusion so that it bounces off of you rather than penetrate the heart. The triple heater goes out and mingles with others forming partnerships and relationships. When it is in balance, there is a joy about involving yourself in social situations, whether it is to meet with old friends or make new ones.
Acupuncture balances these meridians so that harmony occurs in our body, mind and spirit.
We can tend to our fire energy by mingling with others at parties or social gatherings, or we can engage more quietly by sitting by a fire with friends and watching the embers burn. As the heart becomes more balanced, we begin to feel more in control of our lives. We can also take risks with our heart as the pericardium allows the gates to open.
As the flower opens to its fullest bloom, we too blossom and come to fruition. Like the ripest fruit, we have reached maturity and prepare ourselves for the seasons to come.

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