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Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
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Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

Pre-Procedure Instructions for
Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
Depending on the facility at which you are scheduled, you may be called ahead of the surgery to get your insurance information and instructions on where to go and what time to arrive on the day of surgery.
Remember to take your films (mammogram and/or ultrasound) with you on the day of surgery.
Wear comfortable two-piece clothing with a bra (for holding an ice bag). Eat as you normally do, although please refrain from eating two hours prior to your scheduled surgery time.
Take your prescribed medications, but do not take aspirin for three days before or after your biopsy unless otherwise directed.
Only in highly unusual circumstances is sedation used. The procedure is done with local anesthetic. You should be able to drive home in one hour, although having a driver is recommended. Of course, if any other sedation besides local anesthetic is used, a driver is mandatory.
Post-Operative Instructions
At the time of discharge, your doctor may ask you to come into the office for a postoperative visit within five to seven days after your surgery.
Bathing If you leave the hospital with a surgical dressing on, remove it the next day. If your incision is covered with a “steri-strip” (this looks like a piece of see-through plastic tape), remove it on the third postoperative day. If you feel uncomfortable removing the steri-strips, your doctor will remove them when you come in. Wash the entire area with a mild soap daily; the strip will not come off.
If you have staples or sutures, wash the incision site, as well as any drain wounds, daily either in the tub or the shower.
Please wash your incision with IVORY SOAP DAILY. You may also use DOVE UNSCENTED or any other mild soapno deodorant soaps are to be used.
Activity Unless your doctor places specific restrictions at discharge, you may go about normal activities as usual. When you begin to tire, or have pain, this is Natures way of telling you to rest. When the doctor tells you to walk every day, this is what he means
EVERY morning, starting the day after you go home, walk 1/2 mile.
EVERY evening, walk another 1/2 mile. Within four weeks, you should be able to increase this to one mile EACH morning and EACH evening. The 1/2 mile can be clocked-off on a car speedometer. You can go to a shopping mall to walk, but it is more difficult to gauge a mile.
Relax. Give your body
time to heal, and remember
The area around the incision site may be “numb” or feel “strange” for several weeks after surgery. This will slowly decrease as the wound heals.
A hard ridge-like area under the skin around the incision is normal and will fade with time.
Discoloration (purple or yellow) at or near the incision site is normal and will fade with time. The soreness and swelling will get better daily if you WALK!!
If you have any questions or problems, call your doctors office. Your doctor may have additional or modified instructions but the above procedures used by a leading authority in this field should give you a good feel of what you can expect.

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