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Priya Kaur Tahim, LPC
New Year, Better You
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New Year, Better You

<strong>New Year, Better You</strong>

It’s that time of year, where we all make promises to ourselves to improve in some way, and make changes that we didn’t during the previous year. This year instead of “New Year, New Me” consider “New Year, Better Me”. By accepting that you can’t become a new person overnight, but you can make changes to improve your life- you allow yourself to be set up for success. 

Therapy is a great way to help look inward and work towards your goals of becoming a better version of yourself. Finding the right therapist to help you achieve/work towards your goals is vital. As you consider starting therapy, here are a few things to look out for:

Think about what you’d like to achieve out of going to therapy. Is there a certain trauma you’d like to process, is there a habit you want to break, do you want to unlearn unhealthy thought patterns, etc… By doing this, you’ll be able to narrow down your search for a therapist to a specialist that can help create a safe space that aligns with your goal. 

Self-Pay or Insurance; consider fees. Do you want to use insurance to cover therapy or do you want to self-pay. Thera are pros/cons to both resources, it comes down to availability, costs, how many sessions are covered by insurance, etc…

Identity of a therapist. This area is becoming more and more important for individuals seeking therapy, as therapy is already hard enough-let alone talking to someone you can’t relate too. Consider what is important for you to gain out of a therapist. Often time cultural understandings, sexual orientations, religious affiliations can all impact a therapeutic relationship. Consider what is important to you. 

Therapy is only one component of self-improvement. As you navigate looking inward and finding ways to become better, here a few things to consider:

Learn to let the little things go. If you can’t fix something, then don’t dwell on it. Focus on what is in your control versus what is out of your control. I’ve learned countless times in relationships with family, friends, and even intimate relationships; you’re not going to make everyone happy. If you are content with the choices you make, than that’s what matters at the end of the day. Focus on self-reflection of the choices you make. 

Find something daily to do that makes you happier and less stressed. Stress is a daily occurrence in everyone’s life. Some people like to work out their stresses, some take solace in quiet moments, others do something artistic. 

Take time to enjoy the little moments in life. Go on a scenic hike, or travel to a place you always dreamt on. If you can’t get to that place, find some adventures near you. 

Challenge yourself in every aspect of your life. Push yourself in your career and in your personal life. If you can continue to challenge yourself, then you your mind will continue to grow. 

The healthier your mind is, the easier it will be to stay healthy in other areas of your life. It’s a balance of both mind and body, that helps you stay healthy in all aspects of your life. Reinvest in yourself and make 2024 the year of being better.

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