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Gary Alexander, Senior Attorney
Maryland New Hire Registry
Alexander & Cleaver, PA

Maryland New Hire Registry

Federal and Maryland law requires employers to report any new employees hired to the Maryland New Hire Registry within 20 days of the beginning of employment. Employers must report if they are subject to the Maryland Unemployment Insurance law, which applies to nearly all employers in the state. The purpose of the law is to quicken the process of locating non-custodial parents in order to establish paternity, or to process child support or income withholding orders.
Employers have been required to submit this information since January 1, 1997; however, many employers are unaware of this requirement. Employers that fail to report receive a written warning for the first violation, and fines of $20 per month for each subsequent violation, or a $500 fine if the employer and employee conspired not to report. Employers must report the following information regarding newly hired employees, rehired employees, or temporary employees name, address, social security number, starting date, starting wage and insurance benefits.
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