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Don J. Fontana, MD, PA
Holiday Touch Up
Don Fontana, MD

Holiday Touch Up

Holiday parties and family get togethers can either be the best or worst of times. Depending on how well you managed to hold the line with diet and exercise, fitting into a party dress from last year might be a challenge. There is still time to look great for the holidays and New Years festivities and it doesnt necessarily mean surgery. There are many non-invasive office procedures which can make a difference.
Have you developed fine wrinkling around the eyes and mouth from too much sun this summer? Facial chemical peels work wonders to diminish these fine lines. Just as there are many types of facial moisturizers, facial peels vary in strength. Some are so gentle that you will notice a textural softening of the skin, a mild glow to skin color and nothing more. Others penetrate more deeply and can lessen both fine and deep wrinkles about the eyes, cheeks and mouth. Results are seen quickly and depending on the extent of the peel, can last for years.
Are you showing the early signs of facial aging with sagging in the jaw and neck line? You know that youre not ready for surgery, but would like an improvement. Consider a skin tightening procedure called Themage. This is an office procedure that takes about an hour and works especially well on younger women who are showing the early signs of facial aging. Most patients see an immediate tightening of the facial skin which continues to improve over a six month period. It lasts and the patient is always ahead of the aging process since Thermage stimulates collagen growth. This is Oprahs treatment of choice to remain young looking. The best part is that the cost for this procedure has recently decreased significantly.
Facial dermal fillers are here to stay. They are safe, bio-compatible and long lasting, up to 12 to 18 months in some locations of the face. Results are immediate and there is no down time. If your surgeon performs a nerve block, injection is virtually painless. If you have deep wrinkles, thin lips or severe frown lines, fillers are the solution. The cost is reasonable and most physicians are offering holiday discounts.
If youre showing signs of aging around the eyes and forehead, consider Botox. Its popularity is well known because it works! Patients enjoy being able to smile broadly without having the folds of crows feet glaring. Deep forehead skin creases can be erased or diminished with Botox. Its quick, safe and the results are obvious. Why else would millions of women have it done?
Try something different this holiday season. Confront the issues and take control. Decide what really bothers you and have it addressed early enough so that you look GREAT for the holidays.

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