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Hema Sundaram, MA, MD, FAAD
Healing Power of Cosmetic Surgery
Sundaram Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery Center
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Healing Power of Cosmetic Surgery

My appearance last month on XM Radios show, “Broadminded,” to give away a makeover package in honor of breast cancer awareness, reminded me of the healing power of cosmetic surgery. The winner of the package was a one year breast cancer survivor from Arizona who wrote movingly “Id love to look pretty again, even with short, short hair!”
It might seem surprising to you that a woman stricken with a serious illness would have any time or inclination for her appearance. But I believe this is a healthy impulse. In times when we have no control over the larger events in our lives, finding a small aspect that we can control can actually help us to heal.
For example, take the 42-year-old woman I saw recently who had been through a mastectomy and chemotherapy and felt that she no longer reflected her true self externally. She told me, “I was spoiled before all this happened because I always looked younger than I was. Now I look older.” I was able to reverse her premature aging with an individualized combination of minimally invasive procedures. Botox safely smoothed out the furrows on her forehead and her crows feet while preserving her normal facial expressions. The natural fillers, Perlane and Restylane, removed her under-eye hollows and the lines around her mouth, and made her thinning lips full and shapely again. The skin discolorations that shed developed during chemotherapy due to increased sun sensitivity were painlessly faded with StarLux photofacials. Her skin was radiant and lustrous after Vitalize chemical peels.
All these procedures were scar-free and required little or no down time. After her makeover, she looked in the mirror, and said with a smile, “Now I look like me again.”
Looking like yourself again is often the first step in returning to normal after turmoil in your life. Another patient who had undergone extensive surgery and chemotherapy came to see me at the age of 55 after she had returned to work with the federal government. As she put it, “I dont want everyone to still see me as a sick person now Im ready to live again.”
Her wrinkles and loose skin were significantly improved by combination treatment with Lux 1540 fractional laser resurfacing and Lux IR infrared skin tightening, which stimulated her skin to produce permanent collagen. A non-surgical facelift with Perlane and Restylane restored her youthful facial contours and stimulated more new collagen in her skin, while avoiding the overstretched or done look that can result from invasive surgery. A small, safe liposuction procedure took care of the double chin shed developed while on steroid therapy.
The finishing touch was a few sessions of Dermasweep, a new crystal-free microdermabrasion that infused her skin with natural anti-aging and anti-acne therapy, and lash extensions to replace the eyelashes that shed lost during chemotherapy. The results were stunning.
As we enter the festive season, I will be involved in more charitable endeavors focusing on restoring balance to the lives of men and women who have experienced significant life challenges. Whether your challenges are large or small, cosmetic surgery can empower you, restore balance to your life and help you optimize your personal and professional success. An expert cosmetic surgeon can give you a long-lasting and completely natural makeover, with an individualized combination of state-of-the-art procedures that addresses your own unique pattern of aging. It is inspiring to look in the mirror at any age and to see the real you looking back an image that truly reflects the inner beauty and wisdom that you have acquired with time.

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