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Mary Lee Zetter, LCSW-C
Group Work For Weight Loss
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Group Work For Weight Loss

Have you been on diets on and off and have lost weight only to gain it back again?
The most difficult part of starting a weight loss program and changing your lifestyle is the process of making the decision and creating a solid intention.This is paramount to success.
There are many weight loss approaches and trends out there.Any system can work if you approach it with commitment.Weight Loss Group Work fosters commitment and provides a support network to achieve lasting change.Groups can read various books together and share ideas that foster multiple sources of resources and ideas for members because “one size or program does not fit all.”Two books that are particularily helpful are Dr. Phils book called “The Ultimate Weight Solution, Seven Keys to Weight Loss Freedom” and “The Zone a Dietary Road Map to Lose Weight Permanently” by Barry Sears.Dr. Phil has spent over thirty years working with patients with weight loss that gets lasting results.They both discuss choosing foods that produce a high yield nutritionally and metabolically causing controlled but reliable weight loss.They also discuss satisfying methods to reduce emotional eating and cravings.
Dr. Phil indicates that weight loss is not a do-it-yourself process. Building and developing relationships that nurture and encouragelifestyle changes are a source of power and strength. Relationships powerfully affect your weight, your health and your progress in achieving the goals you set for yourself.This is why group therapy can be an asset in the journey.
Group therapy and support for weight loss has many advantages.A group can help one another sort out the various weight loss programs thatthat are availablethat include nutrition, dietary supplements-products and exercise.Expertsare always helpful as guest speakersor consultants to help explain and sort out those choices.Some new programs that are available out there dolook at the following issues with food
1. The science of fat burning nutrition- choosing the precise proportions of proteins, carbs and fats that help the body tostayin afat burning state.
2. Promoting loss of fat tissue while increasing muscle tissue, the key to raising metabolism.
3. How to avoid hunger, cravings, low energy and emotional ups and downs during the weight loss period and later.
4. Mastery over impulse eating, managing reactions to stress and self-defeating thoughts that lead to use food as a source of comfort.
5. Focusing on real food, purchasing, preparing the highest level of nutritionally healthy meals possibleincludes 7 day meal plans and recipe exchanges
6. Sharing books and resources that provide research, information and helpful aids in losing weight and keeping it off.
7. Having the group startan walking program at a local park or gym.
These are some of the things that a group can do together to provide support and encouragement of a real lifestyle change toward health and wellness.

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