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Cheryl Smith, RN
Exercise Boosts Brain Powers
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Exercise Boosts Brain Powers

Youve heard of heart-healthy exercise, but what about exercise for the brain? What if a particular type of exercise could actually boost your brain power? Would that make you more likely to jump on the treadmill or pick-up a pair of dumbbells?
New research shows that exercise really does boost your brain power. Columbia University Medical Center researchers took MRIs of the brains of healthy adults, both before and after aerobic exercise activity. The researchers concluded that exercise promoted the growth of new cells in the area of the brain connected with memory. Thats right cardiovascular exercise may actually help to retain your memory as you age.
So, if the prospect of a smaller waistline or healthier heart hasnt yet convinced you to jump on the fitness bandwagon, then maybe the notion of brain power will be the motivation that you need. The best news is that it doesnt matter what type of exercise you do. It simply needs to be some form of cardiovascular activity.
Here are a few suggestions for simple ways to incorporate cardiovascular activity into your daily life. Try a few of these ideas to see what works for you
Take a walk during your lunch hour. Bring a pair of walking shoes to the office and enlist a couple of co-workers to join your treks.
Enroll in a ballroom dancing course. With the wild success of the television show hit, “Dancing with the Stars,” maybe you can even convince your spouse or a friend to join as your partner.
Join recreational sports. Check with your local parks and recreation facilities about softball or volleyball leagues for adults.
Make a splash. If your knees or other joints dont care for higher impact forms of exercise, then jump in the pool. Swimming is an excellent way to build cardiovascular strength without stress to the joints. Water aerobics classes are another great alternative.
Sign-up for classes. Try step aerobics, kickboxing, or any other organized class that you think you may enjoy. Attending 2-3 classes per week is a good start.

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