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Toni Greene, Owner
Diet, Exercise and Rest For Proper Body Function
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Diet, Exercise and Rest For Proper Body Function

Congratulations, President and First Lady Michelle Obama. Yes, we can and we did. President Barack Obama has shown us that we can do anything we want to do. The question is, what do you want to do? When you wake up in the morning, what are your thoughts? Do you think that you will start your day with breakfast that consists of fruits and cereal? Do you plan your day, or do you wait to see how the day unfolds?
Discomfort can occur in the body due to a lack of discipline and routine of the body. The body likes regularity, routine and rest. The bodys systems need to work properly. The digestive system is one of the main systems that need regularity. Irregularity causes us discomfort, such as gas and/or constipation. When one of the bodys systems is out of balance it causes the other systems in the body to malfunction. When one of these systems malfunctions, its like a clogged drain. In discussing the bodys systems, think of a clogged drain. The water is running, the faucet is working correctly and the water is flowing as it should. The problem is the clogged drain. With a clogged drain, the water overflows and spills on the floor. The floor and base boards become soaked and will eventually rot, causing structural damage, termites, mold and mildew, which causes a whole new set of problems. That is pretty much how your bodys systems work.
How do we keep our systems working properly? Diet, exercise and rest. It is just that simple. When we exercise, our body and our mind get a good workout. To work the body is to work the mind. There are many forms of exercises that can be done to keep the body in balance; yoga is a very gentle exercise that works the whole body.
In yoga we do a series of postures linked together, called a vinyasa or surya namaskara (sun salutations). The surya namaskara is done everyday, in the morning and late in the evening. To do surya namaskara in the beginning of the day gives you energy for the day. The movement from one posture to the other lines up and balances the chakra (energy centers) and activates your systems and stimulates the mind so you can think clearly throughout the day.
You diet can greatly affect the systems of the body. Caffeine, white sugar and alcohol, to name a few, can affect your nervous system. Hot, spicy foods can not only stimulate the digestive system, but can also interfere with the balance of the digestion system, causing diarrhea or constipation.
According to ayurveda (the science of natural healing), not all body types (doshas) can eat the same foods and get the same results. Spicy foods may be good for the kapha type, but not good for the pitta type. Perhaps you will want to get your body type diagnosed so you can determine a diet and workout plan tailored specifically for you.
When you eat the right foods according to your body type, you will settle into your ideal body weight. You may not be designed to be a size four. Your build may be that your normal weight is a size 10. It is best to eat for balance so that you can obtain your ideal weight. An ideal weight has a lot of do with your age, the season, the climate, and if you are a women or man.
To eat for balance of the doshas, you must take time for regular meals, preferably making lunch your biggest meal of the day, giving your digestive system a chance to digest the foods that you have ate before going to bed.
When you make the commitment to eat right and exercise, you will then be on the right road to a balanced and healthy body weight, and alert mind, and a stress-free inner self.
Sat nam.

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