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Sara Poldmae, LAc
Benefits and Myths of Detoxification
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Benefits and Myths of Detoxification

Are you suffering from fatigue?Do you have bouts of debilitating stress and anxiety?Do you suffer from allergies and have trouble fighting off colds? These could all be signs of an excess of toxins in your body.
Just by breathing, eating and drinking, we ingest a large number of toxic substances into our system. If not eliminated on a regular basis, these toxins tax our immune system and inhibit the bodys ability to function normally.Initiating a cleanse that triggers your bodys own capacity to detoxify will increase your energy and will affect your health in a markedly positive way.
Numerous myths persist about the process of detoxification.Some believe that fasting is a great way to detoxify.The exact opposite is true.Overeating is an unhealthy practice, but fasting deprives the body of key nutritional cofactors that are necessary to support the body through the cleanse process.
Another belief that some hold is that it is normal for detoxification to cause you to feel unwell.Actually, headaches, flu-like symptoms, aches and pains and mental fogginess are all signs that toxins are re-circulating through the body and causing more damage. Mild fatigue is the only acceptable symptom to have during a cleanse program.
Others believe that simply cleaning out the colon will detoxify the body. While its important to have normal bowel function, the colon is only one route for the excretion of toxins.The elements of a safe and effective detoxification program should include a balanced, healthy nutritional plan, a beneficial amount of purified or spring water, clear open pathways for excretion and the consult of a qualified health practitioner.
Cleansing an overburdened liver and gastrointestinal system can increase energy and boost the bodys immune system allowing you to live life to your full potential.

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