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Hema Sundaram, MA, MD, FAAD
Beauty On A Budget Look Your Best Without Breaking The Bank
Sundaram Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery Center
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Beauty On A Budget Look Your Best Without Breaking The Bank

If you ever look in the mirror and feel that what you see doesnt reflect the real you, you may wish to check out some new lasers that balance how you look with how you feel and empower you to look your best at any age. The secret is a technology known as radiofrequency. You may be familiar with older radiofrequency treatments such as Thermage. Now, the next generation of Syneron lasers features an innovative combination of light beams with radiofrequency to tighten your skin, smooth wrinkles, fade sun spots, scars and spider veins, remove unwanted hair and even re-contour your body and face. The results are stunning, better than with older lasers, scar-free, often take only minutes and require little or no down time.
The science behind this breakthrough technology is fascinating. The Syneron Triniti system rejuvenates all three layers of your skin on your face, neck, chest, arms and other areas during the same session by targeting wrinkles, loose skin, skin discolorations and broken blood vessels. The advantage of combining light beams with radiofrequency is that treatment is faster and much more precise than with older lasers and it is more comfortable, often not even requiring numbing cream. All skin types including darker skin can be treated without risk of burning or scarring and you can usually return to regular activities immediately. Patients are often amazed at how young they look after Syneron Triniti treatment their skin is smoother and tighter and has a beautiful glow. The Matrix RF, the worlds first radiofrequency fractional laser, is used to treat deeper wrinkles and scars. It is precisely individualized to address your own unique pattern of aging more efficiently and at a lower cost than with older fractional lasers.
LipoLite is a revolutionary laser-assisted fat removal that removes stubborn fat deposits to re-contour your chin, stomach, thighs, arms and other areas with no down time. LipoLite gives better, faster results than traditional liposuction. No anesthesia is needed other than local numbing. Advanced body sculpting is an expert technique that combines LipoLite with VelaShape, the only FDA approved device for cellulite reduction and circumferential reduction of areas such as your abdomen and thighs.
These treatments are not only more effective and often longer-lasting than the older treatments they replace, including surgery; they are also more cost-effective. An expert cosmetic surgeon understands how to lift your face non-surgically by combining your Syneron Triniti, MatrixRF and LipoLite treatments with Botox and natural fillers such as Restylane, Perlane, Juvederm and Evolence. When properly performed, these treatments look completely natural, prevent deepening of wrinkles and stimulate long-term collagen production.
For the best results, select a national training center for these technologies and a supervising doctor who is board certified in one of the “core four” cosmetic surgery specialties recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties these are dermatology, facial plastic surgery, oculoplastic surgery and plastic surgery. Choose a doctor who serves as a principal Iigator for FDA studies of new technologies, steers medical education programs, is a national physician trainer for the procedures he or she performs and is frequently quoted as a cosmetic surgery expert in the media. A true laser center should have at least six different types of laser permanently in the office (not just hired on an as-needed basis), four or more certified laser specialists and a doctor with at least 10 years experience.

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