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Mary Baker, LCPC
Are You Taking Care of Yourself?
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Are You Taking Care of Yourself?

Fall is almost here, it is a time for change and renewal. It is a great time to take stock of how well you have been taking care of yourself so you can make any necessary adjustments and feel better! If we dont practice self-care, our emotions and our bodies will force us to do so one way or another. We can become ill, feel like were losing our mind, or worse. Self-care is a daily maintenance plan that helps us stay balanced, focused, and more peaceful as we take on lifes challenges. Self care is not selfish- in fact it needs to come first for us to be at our best.
The following are some areas to look at and rate yourself. Note that you want to also take into consideration if current events or circumstances have created obstacles to self care, and note your plan of action to balance that out.
Setting Healthy Boundaries How have you been feeling lately? Do you feel like your plate is too full? Are there boundaries you need to set around your time or energy? What or who do you need to say no to?
Understanding what we Can and Cannot Control Where is your focus? Is it on those things and processes in your control or what belongs to others? Grandma was right-MYOB is profound advice. Obsessing about what others are doing or not doing will overwhelm us simply because control of another is an illusion that will drive us crazy.
Paying attention to our bodies and our spirit (what do I need right now?) What is your body telling you? Is it relaxed or tired and stressed? How do you feel when you first wake in the morning refreshed or dreading the day? Pay attention to these first moments.
Nutrition, Sleep and Exercise Looking at the past few weeks, how well have you been eating? Have you been getting enough sleep? How is your exercise routine-how strong and healthy do you feel?
Spiritual and Quiet Thinking Time Bringing life into balance requires acknowledging and making time for our spiritual side thinking, meditating, attending services or just taking a quiet walk helps us stay centered and focused on what is important to us.
Play Time Allowing time to let loose lowers stress, stimulates creativity and helps us feel alive. When is the last time you played? Do you have time set aside each week for some goofing off?
So, the key to self care is balance. It is important to pay attention to that small voice that lets us know what we need right now to feel both peaceful and energetic. It is our responsibility to take care of ourselves as much as we can so we can have those things in life that we want. Lopsided lives are not conducive to health, success, or happy relationships especially the one we have with ourselves.

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