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Anthony T. Hardnett, DC
HRT in Millersville, MD and Crofton, MD
Effective Integrative Healthcare, LLC

HRT in Millersville, MD and Crofton, MD

More people every day are looking for a safer more effective way to manage their hormones, with consistent results, and without serious potential side effects. Most men and women hormone levels start to decrease rapidly after age 35 and some even earlier. How quickly we look old and feel old have a lot to do with the balance of hormone levels. HRT with Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets may be able to help you.

HRT with Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets

Data supports that hormone replacement therapy with pellet implants is an effective bio-identical method to deliver hormones in both men and women. Implants, placed under the skin, consistently release small, physiologic doses of hormones.

Over 70 years of research has illustrated the benefits of pellet implants in administering hormones in both men and women.

• Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet implants deliver consistent, physiologic levels of hormones.

• The consistent and physiologic dosing has been shown to maintain and improve bone density.

• Bio-Identical Hormone Pellet implants bypass the liver and don’t negatively impact clotting factors, blood pressure, lipid levels, glucose, or liver function.

Bio-Identical Hormone Pellets Implants have consistently been shown to improve:

• Cardiovascular health

• Headaches and migraines

• Insomnia

• Hot flashes

• Mood and depression

• Joint aches and pains

What is HRT and BHRT? 

An individualized approach to hormone replacement therapy, using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), pinpoints a person’s exact hormone levels, and what hormones are needed to balance their hormone deficiency.

The differences between synthetic and biologically identical hormones are in their chemical structures and functionality. Biologically identical hormones have the same chemical structure as the hormones created naturally in the human body.

What are HRT / BHRT Fused Hormone Pellets?

 Fused pellet implants are compounded using biologically identical hormones (most often Estradiol or Testosterone). The hormones are pressed/fused into very small cylinders. Pellet insertion is a relatively simple in-office procedure done under local anesthesia.

Fused Pellet Implants typically last between 3-5 months, depending on how rapidly the hormones are metabolized. Some patients begin to feel symptom relief within 48 hours, while others may take up to two weeks to notice a marked difference.

Before starting any hormone replacement therapy, patients should work directly with a knowledgeable healthcare practitioner to have hormone testing done to evaluate their personal hormone profile. Based on existing hormone levels and health history, the practitioner will make a hormone replacement recommendation. Once pellets have been inserted, hormone levels will be re-evaluated prior to the insertion of the next round of pellets. After the first year of therapy, the practitioner may suggest testing less frequently based upon patient feedback and prior hormone levels.

At this time most insurance companies cover the exam, consultation and the bloodwork but not the pellet insertion process. They cover the pharmaceutical hormone approach, but not the bioidentical pellet as its closer to a natural alternative treatment.

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