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Jennifer Wong, Owner, Principal Broker
The Importance Of Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home
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The Importance Of Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home

The Importance Of Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home

When planning to sell your home it’s likely that you’re considering each room and how to make them presentable to your potential buyer. You may have even bought a few items to freshen up certain areas. However, it’s easy to forget the exterior of your home could do with a little bit of TLC too.

After all, the exterior of your home is the first impression your buyer gets both in person, and when posted online. Below you’ll find a few simple tips to brighten up the outside of your home to prepare for sale.

Make it green

This is one of the most important areas when preparing the exterior of your home. The appearance of overgrown hedges, uncut trees and dead grass can be immediately off-putting no matter how charming the inside of your home might be. Consider investing in a gardener who can assist in sprucing up the front yard of your home and preparing it for sale.

Make it clean

It’s easy to forget that there are some outdoor toys strewn around the yard, a lawnmower or perhaps a broken swing that’s seen some better days. Remove these items and leave a clean, pristine surface that allows potential buyers to envision their own items, and their own lives at the front of your house. This also removes distractions and allows the focus to fall solely on your home.

Give it a sheen

When you’ve lived in a home for a long time it’s easy to miss small items such as peeling paint on the front door or porch, especially if the weather hasn’t been kind and you’re not spending much time outside. Take a critical look at your home and determine if there are specific areas that could be repaired using some fresh paint, taking your home from tired and worn to fresh and new.

When deciding to sell your home, the curb appeal is your first chance to impress potential homebuyers. With these few adjustments it can make all the difference between a pass and an offer. If you have additional questions about improving the exterior of your home for sale, contact a realty expert and they will be happy to help you.

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